Saturday, January 22, 2005

I did a thing today

Yeah, a thing. Spoke at the Ladies Winter Luncheon at church. Small crowd, but we had fun. We dressed Styrofoam Snowmen with items from our purses. It was so funny to see what people came up with.

Sheree, Chelle and I worked together to dress our Snowman. Gum box hat, money belt, shredded paper skirt, velt bag cape, gum buttons, foil eyes, ear plug ears, asprin feet. Too cute.

I spoke on life's currency that has eternal value - words, time and money. These are the commodities that store up treasure in heaven. What we do with our words, what we do with our time, what we do with our money.

Oh, driving to church, I had inspiriation on a chic lit idea. I've got about 10 of them, but this one keeps coming to the surface, getting deeper and more developed.

Now I'm home, trying not to fall asleep. We went over to help our neighbors, Dave and Ilene, with the trusses for their room addition. Tony glanced out the Florida room window and sees little tiny Ilene trying to hoist a truss over her head and he was moved to help. LOL

It's a nice night here in Central Florida. Cloudy, but not too cold. I have a fire going. It's nice.

Bonnie gave me a nice gift bag for speaking today. One of the items was a collection of stories about Christian authors and how they made it in publishing. I'll keep it around for the hard, dark days of writing. I know writing is my calling, part of my calling in God anyway, but I've yet to see the big picture? New York Times best seller. In Rachel's dreams, yes! In God's heart, not so sure?

I know He gives us the desire of our hearts. I know He wants us to dream big all the while pursing Him with our whole heart. I don't dream big enough. A friend encouraged me in my writing a few months back, well, I think thats what it was supposed to be, but it ended up discouraging me.

It's that economy of words thing. We never know how our words are going to effect others. I think this person meant to spur me on, but the net result has been the blaaas. So, I decided I can use God's words to challenge my friends words and rise above, or use my friend's words to doubt God go nowhere. I choose God's words.

I may have to fight my way back into the Ring of Confidence, but I can do it. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Fire Dweller has been good the past few Fridays. Last Friday we got into this song of the Lord, crying out to Him. I kept singing, "tremble at His Word" and "fear of the Lord is wisdom." My words were weaving with the electric guitar. It was cool. Jer lead last nigt and it was good. Good prayer time at the end.

Oh my gosh! More of my clothes are shrinking. Help. Need new dryer.

Words of Wisdom from The Carrie. She called from FSU looking for ideas on a story she's writing for class. Due Tuesday. Little brainstorming can make all the difference, ja know? Anyway, I asked, "Any more thoughts on what you want to do after you graduate?"

"No, but I made a new goal for myself. Spend a half hour a day on my future - looking for jobs, investigating my options."

Wow! Light bulb over Rachel's head clicked on. What a great idea. Spend a half hour a day on my future. Researching story ideas. Writing on a story idea. Thinking of characters and backstory.

Carrie called for help from me, and ended up helping me.

Well, it's dinner time. I need to cook something. Grace and Peace

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