Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finally warming up

I've noticed lately that I'm not cold all the time. Finally. Five months after leaving Harris Publishing and the refigerator they housed us in, my body has adjusted. I can no longer ride in the car, sun beaming in, windows rolled up and the air off and my sweatshirt on.

I can go into a restuarant without hauling in my parka! It's marvelous.

Update on my friend Sheree: Well, the dude was a dud. He made the leap, but turns out he was bungy corded to an old girlfriend "back home." It's been hard for my dear Sheree, but you know, she's free to find the good man that is out there, waiting for her.

The Randy Clark meetings went well. Lots of faith building stuff. He said something so cool last night. When he asks people "what they want" when he prays for them, they answer, "Whatever God wants."

"No, what's on your heart?"

"I don't know."

Randy insist we do. We have to be confident that the desires of our heart, cause we seek Him, are His desires. He's not an ogre who sends us places we don't want to go, make us do what we hate or be who we are not. He's loving, kind and gives us the desires of our hearts. Psalm 34. If we don't want to go, do or be something He's calling us to be, He will give us the grace and desire.

We've got to take the responsibility off ourselves and let God be God. He's a wonderful Father. Of course, if you're stealing from the supply closet at work and have no desire to quit, well now, that's a different matter.

Quote from He's Just Not That Into You: "When it comes to men, deal with us as we are, not how you'd like us to be."

Well said, well said.

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Paula said...


I really like the thoughts that He places His desires on our hearts so we can know what we want and trust He is leading. I'm reminded that the Word says when we become Christians He gives us a NEW heart.