Friday, January 21, 2005

The Bullet, the Bull Dog and the Gun

The summer of '77, we moved from south Miami-Homestead area to Tallahassee. I worked at the Cutler Ridge Publix and the Saturday night before we moved, the entire store threw a party for me at Denny's. Even the Manager came. Now would that happen today? Not!

My then boyfriend, Pete Ramirez, had a couple of friends, Kevin and Bob. They called themselves the Bullet, the Bull Dog and the Gun. Don't ask me which was which. Anyway, Pete and I showed up at Denny's for my surprise party. I wrote this in my diary....

Pause for real life interjection. I was reading this in bed last night and started laughing so hard I couldn't talk to Tony. I wanted to read it to him, but I couldn't. When he read it for himself, he smiled and goes, "Guess you had to be there."

Guess so.

Quote from July 9, 1977:
"Kevin and Bob came over (to where Pere and I were sitting.) We all sat around talking. The Bullet, the Bull Dog and the Gun! The trio. Though Bob looked more like the Bull Frog with his hair parted down the middle and all."

Hahahahahah! Still makes me laugh.

From the summer of '76 to the summer of '77, I laughed so much. My friend Lorena and the Bull Frog, er, Dog, used to argue all the time. They liked to argue. I'd sit up listening to them until 2 a.m., laughing hysterically.

It's odd to see my teenage wisdom scrawled across lined notebook pages. I had some, actually. I just lacked experience. Now that I have experience, I need some of that sixteen year old wisdom and zeal.

Ah, life's a quagmire.

Tony and I are doing well. Going on vacation Monday. I'm so looking forward to it! I have to write, but I'm always writing on vacation.

Tomorrow I'm speaking at the ladies Winter Luncheon so I need to prepare for that today. At 11:00, I'm lunching with Laura, Jer, Ezra and Laura's mom, Lois. Then Fire Dweller tonight.

Youth Church was good. Before worship, I prayed to get us settled down and focused. God showed up, and we never sang or played background music. In the silence, He came and ministered to us. It was pretty cool. Around 9:30. I got on the piano and sang softly. One of the girls started crying. Later we found out Jesus came to her, literally, either in physical or heart eyes, but it was real. He took her face in His hands and kissed her. She cried for twenty minutes. Jesus rocks!

Chris went home yesterday. It was good to have him here. We miss him!

Last night, I held my final board meeting as ACFW President. I'm sad to be leaving the position. Sad to be out of the decisions and leading, but I'm also relieved. I can already feel the weight lifting. It's been a good two years, but it's time for me to move on. The next Board will take ACFW even farther. I had a great board, and made some great friends. Well worth the sacrifice. Thanks, Lord.

Well, better get to preparing my teaching. I'm talking on Money, Time and Words - life's currency that has value in Eternity.

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Christine Lynxwiler said...

I love your diary excerpts, Rach! And also just wanted to say that ACFW has been incredibly blessed by your wise leadership for the past two years. Love lots!