Sunday, January 02, 2005

Spirit of Adoption

Pastor Gary set aside some time in church this morning for open prayer. Prayer for the new year, prayer for the tsunami victims, prayer for our county and church.

Eighteen year old Katie came to the mic and prayed out of 1 Peter 1:6 for the people living in or near the Bay of Bengal. Her prayer was full of authority and power, but when she prayed, "Father, release over them a spirit of adoption," I knew the voice and heart of heaven had been spoken.

The people of south Asia are hurting, dying and devastated. Life will never be the same for them again. Many have been left alone, orphaned, wounded, but the heart of the true Father is open to them, full of compassion and grace. He is waiting to adopt them into His family through the blood of Jesus.

I pray in this hour that the Bride of Christ shines with the reflection of her Beloved. May we be a mirror in which the world sees Jesus - not judgement or condemnation.

See, this is the beginning. Who knows what trials and disasters will follow this one? If our hearts are not steadfast. If our foundation is not on the Rock, Jesus. If we are not rooted and grounded in love, when judgements and trials begin to devastate the earth, we will be offended at the living God. And forbid that our hearts should grow cold. We must carry the reward within. We must know that He is our exceeding great reward. Genesis 15:1.

For me, the coming year is about contemplation - prayer and fasting (with grace. I need it.) Pastor Gary reminded us this morning that the one commodity we have that we cannot redeem is time. If we squander time, we cannot earn it back. If we lose money, we can earn more, make it back. If we lose possessions, we buy more. But time? If we squander a day, we cannot get it back. The Lord, of course, can redeem our time. But January 2, 2005 will soon be gone and I'll never have this day again.

What did I do with it?

Another commodity we cannot take back once it's been given is our words. Once they've been said, they've been said. We can apologize and repent, but spoken words cannot be taken back. They are forever out there on the wings of time.

That being said... I want to invest my time and words in the Kingdom of Heaven this year. More than I have in the past. I am weak. I am poor, but I want to give myself to prayer and intimacy.

Also, to writing. I'm reading "Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life." It's full of Snoopy's writing cartoon strips with advice and musings from famous authors like Danielle Steel, Sydney Sheldon, Fannie Flag ( you must read "A Redbird Christmas") and Ray Bradbury to name a few.

You'll be glad to know these famous, experienced authors agree with me. Writing is hard work. They confess to spending years writing one novel. Of course, with their pay scale they can stil live. But, it's work. If I'm called to writing, committed to writing, I have to give myself to it like any other career and work it. (Work it, baby!)

So, those are my goals for '05. Prayer and writing. Of course, there are the cursory goals like losing twenty pounds and keeping up my exercise. And, keep in touch with friends and family. There, that should keep me busy.

I have three speaking engagements already. One in January and two in February. That will be fun. I'm looking forward to those.

Randy Clark will be here next week for a week of renewal/revival meetings up at Our Father's House, so I'll be going to some of those, but I don't want to overload. After having Paul Keith Davis and members of The White Dove Ministries here three times this year, and the In the Fire Conference, I'm "special" meetinged out, ya know. I've heard, heard, and heard. Now I want to do!

Happy New Year, everyone! Many blessings and may the Father release in you a spirit of adoption.

Quote from Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life: "Dear Editor, Why do you keep sending my stories back? You're supposed to print them and make me rich and famous. What is with you?"

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