Monday, January 17, 2005

Too early on Monday to think, but...

I woke up at 5:21 this morning. No, take that back. I got UP, as in out of bed, at 5:21. I woke up before that, tried to sleep, but couldn't so I decided to get up, make tea, pray, (ooh, house is cold. Change blanket for robe and flannel pants), drink tea, read Bible, fry an egg, toast a muffin, pour a Diet Coke, and finally, boot up computer.

It's now 8:25, I'm sleepy again. The day is dawning clear, sunny and cold. It's in the 40's, but "feels like" 30's. Chris Schoff is here from Guatemala. He just left with the Phillips' for Universal. Tony is sleeping. Smart man.

We had a bonfire last night with several other church. Javi lead worship. Ahhhhh! He's so fun to sing with. It was a good night to have a bonfire since it was so cold. Julie Roper Sumner was there with her neice. Yeah! We talked the whole time. It was good to catch up with her. She's one of our kids from the '90's. She's a mom now with two boys.

I pulled on my freshly laundered painter jeans when getting ready to go up to the fire. They are feeling tight these days. Dagum if the dryer isn't shrinking my clothes again!

Speaking of tight clothes. I saw some show about the latest diet fad. Eating like the French. LOL. It talks about how you can eat whatever you want and lose weight, you just eat less and drink leaks soup. Whatever. You know what? There is no perfect diet plan. Not Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dr. Phil, Atkins, pick your poison. All diets require the same thing: life change and discipline.

I was successful with Weight Watchers. But I've heard people pan it, and other plans, saing they don't work becuase they tired the plan and failed. Or had some success, then failed. The problem is not the plan. The problem is the planee. The person. The one not sticking to the discipline of eating right. If you try to dunk a basketball and miss, is it the ball's fault? The hoop's maybe. Ah, no, it's your shoes. Yes, I can't dunk a basketball because my shoes are all wrong.

Diet plans don't fail. People fail. I had a friend who under went gastric bypass surgery and even he had to watch what he ate or he would gain weight! There's no miracle cure except close your mouth and run outside and play.

That's it! The perfect diet plan. Record your mom's voice saying, "Click off that TV and go outside and play!"

However, in my case, it's that I need a new dryer. One that doesn't shrink my clothes, especially my jeans. Seriously, new dryer.

Sheree. Remember my dear Sheree. She wrote the guy an "after" email. Wrong move. Now he's got hand, as in the upper. She bid him good-bye, farethewell, totally controlled the upper hand. Now she's done gone and given it away. I told her so, but yet, in all reality, I understand. It's hard to say good-bye to a close friend. One to whom she committed her heart. But we ladies make the classic mistake. "I closed the door so hard, he'll never come back, even if he wants to! Hurry, go open it a crack."

Truth is, if a guy really misses you and wants you, he'll kick the door in and sweep you off your feet. Until then, ladies bar the door. We settle too soon, too quick. Guys have it made.

To Sheree's dude, I say this, "If you don't want the old girlfriend, as you've told my Sheree, then break the soul tie and move on. Ask the Lord to show you why you're so connected to someone you claim you don't want. If you really do want her, fess up to Sheree so she can go on with her life. Apologize for being a weeny and lying about it."

Did I say Chris was here? It's good to have him. He's such a good friend. Wow, I'm really getting sleepy. Maybe it's time for a mid-morning nap.

Hey, wanna bet I can stay in my pajamas all day? Oops, no, sucker bet on my end. It's too gorgeous outside to stay inside.

Quote from He's Just Not That Into You: Don't waste the pretty.

Quote from Shakespeares Merry Wifes of Windsor: SLENDER: Mistress Anne Page? She has brown hair, and speaks small like a woman. (we speak small?)

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