Friday, October 27, 2006

Jesus is taking over my life

Another post from my husband:

For a couple years now I've been forcing myself (against my will) to add an evangelistic component to my life.

It started as a two hour commitment on Tuesday nights sharing the gospel at the beach, and evolved into our downtown outreach. I thought I would continue to give a couple hours a week to evangelism, but something has happened, and the evolution hasn't stopped.

We've been going to the same neighborhood, ministering to the same people for months, building relationships, and I recently realized this isn't evangelism anymore. Its become a missions outreach. I can't contain it to a couple hours a week. My responsibility to them is growing. What started out as a simple ministry is threatening to become a fairly significant part of my lifestyle.

Once again Jesus has lured me in and tricked me into spending more of my life than I'd planned on His Kingdom. I'd say more, but I have to go. Two of my friends from our neighborhood are in the hospital, and I need to go visit them.


Kristy Dykes said...

Thanks for sharing from your life, Tony. I admire what you're doing for Christ. It encourages me to do more.

Diann Hunt said...

Wow, Tony, thank you for sharing! You and Rachel are such an encouragement, and you both inspire me to reach for the stars in my witness for Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Anonymous said...

Go brother! Your wife is a writer, so you probably never get to see her, anyway.