Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeling Guilty

Please, let me clarify about breaking up with my Dell comptuer and going with a Mac.

I'm not against Dell. I love Dell computers. Kudos to Mr. Dell for creating such a great company. But it's the whole third-party, bunch-of-software-I-don't need with mean party guests like Avenue A and Double Click that I can never seem to get rid of.

It's the fact Microsoft allows pirates and such to store software code in the registry so no matter how many times you delete a worm or virus or spyware, it comes back.

To those who create such evil things. . . Grr.

I will miss my Dell computer, and have to admit, I'm having a few second thoughts. But, I'm willing to give the Mac a try and besides, I spent the money already.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
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Robin Caroll said...

Let me know how you like that Mac. I'm already coveting C's! One of these days, I'll have to upgrade/change, and so far, everyone is steering me toward a Mac.

Mary Ann said...

Are you telling me Mac's are safer? I have a Dell and a new Compaq. If you're on the internet, aren't you just as vulnerable with a Mac? Doesn't the operating system have more to do with this problem than the type of computer? (I have no idea. This is an honest question.)
By the way, this is our first time on this site. We first wrote our novel The Last Reunion ISBN:0-595-39614-3 published a couple of weeks ago. Now we are looking for fellowship and will probably join ACFW.

Rachel Hauck said...

Hi Mary Ann,

Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you.

Yes, Mac are way safer from virus and spyware. In fact, they don't get them. Dells and Compaq's get them because they run Windows. So, yes, it is the operating system, but PC's don't run Mac OS.

I am loving my Mac more everyday, but BIG kudos to Dell for working with us on a computer exchange for my husband.