Sunday, October 22, 2006



Been hearing a lot about angels in the past two years. And have been aware of them on occassion, especially when I'm writing or leading worship.

We had a confernce in our region this week with the team from WhiteDove Ministries. One of the speakers was Randy Demain and he shared his testimony with an angel named Breakthrough Revival.

One of the fascinating things that stood out to me was how we all have angels assigned to us personally, to our churches, to our region and they act and move based on the Word of God which we speak.

So, there's a two-fold lesson. Angels are all around us. Angels who watch, who gather, who record what the son's and daughters of God are saying about Him.

Second, we have to know and speak the Word. Far too often we pray from our own desires and souls. Our beliefs and thinking do not align with God's truth. But if we pray and speak the Word of God, angels attach themselves to it and make it happen.

Like, overcoming fear and anxiety. Or depression. God's Word says His love cast out all fear. He gives us joy for depression. Commands us to be anxious for nothing. As we pray those truths, we have the power of God and all His angels behind us, working on our behalf.

Psalm 91:
11For He will give His angels charge concerning you,
To guard you in all your ways.

Heb 1:14 Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

We have to start believing God's truths and not our experiences. I've heard respected men of God say, "What do you do when prayer and the Word are not enough?"

Pardon me, but. . . we're screwed. What's left? Man's wisdom?

What a thing for a man of God to say? It sends out hopelessness. No wonder the church looks so much like the world.

I understand the heart perhaps. Sometimes really hurting people, or wounded people can't settle down enough to believe God. Or, their belief system is so wrong, it takes counseling to get them right.

But again, only prayer and God's Word can do it. Better yet, praying God's Word.

So, if you imagine angels are standing by to help you. . . wow! What can get in your way if your heart is sincere toward God?

Man, He so rocks!


Camy Tang said...

But if we pray and speak the Word of God, angels attach themselves to it and make it happen.

I like how you worded that! I've totally felt like that sometimes when I pray.


Tracey Bateman said...

Great post, Rach.

Robin Caroll said...

I love this.

mom of 5 said...

Thank you Rachel, a very good word. Love Mom