Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Laugh out Loud

Cruising the Weight Watchers message boards I caught up with the results of The Bachelorette. I never knew when that show was going to be on, so I didn't watch it. After squandering my time watching Jesse Palmer, I couldn't make another effort of this purposeless series. I'm going to have to account for that wasted time before the Holy One some day and I'm pretty sure I'll be calling for a mountain to fall on me. Or, better yet, hiding in the righteousness of my Beloved.

Sandy Garcia of Metro News wrote of The Bachelorette, "This show is ridiculous and lacks any real emotion. But, what a way to throw in a final twist." Laugh out loud.

Rediculous sums it up. ABC's choice for Bachelorette had me scratching my head. Isn't choosing a previous Bachelor "winner" contradictory to what the show is trying to achieve? Helping people fall in love. Like we all thought that would happen. How could Jen say with any sincerity and believablity, "I came on this show to find true love." Pu-lease.

Dreams - I had a dream the other night. I won't share the detail because it gives me the willies. Okay, one hint. Snakes. So, I woke up and said to Tony. TV has got to go. I love television. But it's stealing my affection. I thought Lord, "How will I keep curent? How will I know chic, trig dialog and the latest phrases? Like bling, bling." But, I have to trust Him. Now that I think about it, I didn't learn bling, bling from the TV.

But, the Lord will keep me. Without the distraction, I can dig deeper and produce better stories. I hope. I pray. Though, it's not about the writing as much as it is about the heart, my heart, the depth in which I give my affection to Jesus.

A Monday Morning Call - Our friend Ted rang up around 9:00. Before Tony asked me, I knew Ted was inviting us to breakfast. Tony said, "Hey, Ted wants to know..."

I said, "Yes."

We met him at Cracker Barrel a half hour later. We talked about lots of stuff, but when the subject moved to Heidi and Roland Baker, and Mozambique, I teared up. We resently spent an evening with one of Heidi's adopted sons, Norberto. He spoke some things to Tony and me that only God knew. I mean, Norberto barely knew our names. He didn't know mine at all (never mind I spent the weekend with him during the prayer retreat. LOL!) He spoke specific things, used words maybe only Ted would know in the natural. We were encouraged. Am I to go to Africa? I don't know? I have a friend who wants to go. She's been touched by Heidi's book. Perhaps we'll go together.

We know God is moving, doing stuff in us and through us. But all things in time. All things in due season. To everything... turn, turn, turn.

Lambert's Pride - Got an email from a woman, Missy, today. She wrote, "I wanted you to know that I read Lambert's Pride this weekend. I loved it! It was like at the end I wanted to read more. You both should write a few books to follow that town. It just seemed so homey. I know some writers do that."

Isn't that cool? I'm glad there are two more Lambert books coming. Thanks, Missy.

Oh, guess how she found my web site? Googling Kristin Billerbeck. I have a picture of Kristin, me and Colleen Coble on my Photo's page and it comes up on a Google. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, off to finish Lambert's Peace. Remember how I said I thought I'd be short on word count. Um, no! I'm going to be way over. But that's okay. I can cut and tighten.

Be blessed today. May the grace and peace of our Father guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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