Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fireside chat

As it turns out, last rainy but warm Sunday was not our last chance for a fire. Indeed not. This whole week has been chilly and this Saturday night is the perfect night for a fire.

So, we have one. The neighbor has not come over concerned the house is burning down. I've been writing most of the day. My confidence is growing. I can't decided if I'm blistfully ignorant and the "you're dreaming, stupid" brick is about to fall, or if the peace and confidence of the Lord that I've been praying for is taking hold.

Hum, let's go with the latter. Hold up now, I don't think I'm the next Austin or Dickens. I'm not the next Steel, Bateman or Billerbeck, but I am sure my writing is in the hands of my Father who loves me. On that, I can depend.

That being said, the day is very uneventful, which I'm glad.

Excellent Quote: "You had me at hello."

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glimpsing gal said...

Rachel - just had to post a quick comment and let you know how refreshing and delightful your blog is. Never doubt your writing abilities and calling - keeping a blog up-to-date and interesting (key word: interesting) is no easy task, and you're phenomenal at it. Can't wait to read your books, after *hearing* your writing voice here.

Love, Staci
(adding "Lambert" books to my TBR pile)