Sunday, March 13, 2005

Two Gold Fish

Every time one of our former youthees grows up, gets married and has a baby or two, I beg them out of sheer lunacy, "If it's a boy, name him Rachel, er, no, I mean Tony. If it's a girl, Rachel. Naaammee herrr Rachel."

They laugh. I laugh. They think I'm kidding....

I begged my sister, who recently had a baby girl, to name her child after me. Even threatened to "breaka yor legs." But noooooouh.

Since Tony and I will mostly like not have biological children, I figure it's the responsibility of one of our spiritual kids to pass on our name... don'tcha think? (No guilt, no condemnation, just logical thinking.)

So this morning, sitting in church with my girl Sheree Stebbins, she leans over while her dad's preaching (I told her not to talk to me in church, but at 30, she makes up her own mind) and says, "I bought two gold fish yesterday."

Roll eyes. "Good for you."

"We named them Tony and Rachel."

Snap head around to look at her. "What?"

"Yeah, I asked Mom and Dad what I should name them and Mom said, 'Tony and Rachel.'"

Finally, a legacy. Two goldfish. The classy one was going to be named after me, but since he/she was also bigger, Tony got the name. So, I'm the small, plain one.


This afternoon - I took a reading vacation and am almost done with "Good in Bed." I love her voice and style, while at the same time get bored with her in-depth detail about her weight and father. Move on, Jen. Yet, I can see how I need to slow down and get more emotion and depth into my writing. I feel like I'm going to bore everyone. I can't say it's my journalism training 'casuse Jennifer is a professional journalist. Or was. So, move on, Rach.

Been thinking a lot about my writing lately, where I want to go, how I can get there, if it's possible to get there. Do I have what it takes? Reading Weiner makes me scratch my head and go, "Hum, how'd she do that?" But I know all stories are developed with hard work and dedication. I just want it to come out of my fingers perfect.

I liked Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic," but Sheree gave it back to me today with a "I couldn't get through it." Go figure! I liked "Whitney Chronicles" and "Bad Heiress Day" and several of my friends have read those and given thumbs up. So that's good! Go Steeple Hill Cafe.

I started a Susan May Warren book and highlighted it with a yellow marker. I've never heard anyone not like Susie. All this to say, I'm trying to learn. Read and learn. And OH! Plot and Structure by Jim Bell? Best book on writing I've read in a long time. To be honest, usually put writing books down because I'd rather do it than read about doing it. But, Jim's style and lessons are engaging and fun! I'm learning tons.

We had a great time yesterday at Ted's with all the Fire Dweller leaders. Great progress and we are excited about what God is doing in our area in the matter of city wide prayer. But while building a house of prayer, we want to build a house of friends.

Well, I'm off to shower or something since I just road my bike... around the block. Came home. It's Sunday. Vacation day.


Lynette Sowell said...

Congratulations on your gold fish namesakes! Agreeing with you about your direction in your writing. Plot & Structure is a super book. Made me feel there's lots of possibilities. :)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Aw That's sweet about the goldfish. You could always name all of your characters after you two. ;-)