Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oooo, eeee, aaahhh, ouch!

We watched the Contender tonight. Didn't intend to watch this but oohh, aaahhh, owee. I felt bad for the guy who lost, Jonathon Reid. He had such a great heart. And such a large family.

I racquetballed with Jim Travis Tuesday. I let him win. You know, male ego and all. Right... I am still sore today. Add to that, I've been in the writing chair for twelve hours. I'm in deep, dark mode until Saturday morning. Nothing but writing. The Lambert's Peace edits are going well. I'm cutting and cleaning up.

I had all these great things to write. But now I can't think of any of them. God is good. The "70's Show" is really rediculous. I'm just saying...

I'm going to bed. Sorry I'm not more brilliant right now.

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