Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rainy Day Feeling Again

It's Sunday afternoon, and raining. I like it. Kind of cozy. Rocky V is on the WB and for some reason, I'm watching it.

I actually cooked Sunday dinner. I know, I know, pass the smelling salts, revive the masses. Rachel Hauck cooked a whole meal! I smooshed together hamburger, onions, egg and A-1 sauce to make a meat loaf. Then mashed a few potatoes and steamed up a bag of broccoli. Tony kept going "Yum, good, babe!" A real meal. Such a rare treat in this house. Last night it was a salad and pop-out-of-the-can biscuits.

Church was good this morning. Pastor Gary talked about Moses. God shows up, calls Moses to deliver the Israelists, turns a staff into snake, makes his hand leprous and then heals it - all this after the burning bush encounter. Guess what Moses says? "I am slow of speech and slow of tongue." In the common vernacular, "Me, God? No way. I can't do it."

So God had to draft Aaron to help Moses. Gary's point: "God wanted to use Moses alone. But because Moses refused to abandon his weaknesses, even the Lord's glory was impacted by Moses' fear. And Moses had to share his glory with his brother."

How often do we do that? "God, me? Really? I can't do it!" We deprive God of an opportunity to glorify His name. We deprive God the privilege of giving us glory (for His name sake.)

I am bound by my weakness. But He is not. I want to learn from Moses and say, "God, me? Really? Okay, let's go!"

Too often we fear God leaving us high and dry, and place full confidence in ourselves. He's a gazillion times better! He never fails. He is faithful. He is willing and able.

Fire! Fire! Fire! I decided to burn a fire in the fireplace last night since winter is really about over in Florida. "Last time for a fire, Tony," I said.

Thirty minutes later, a lovely fire flickers from the fireplace. Then a knock on the door. Tony answers. It's our neighbor. Smelling smoke, and thinkng it was too warm (duh!) for a fire, he came over to make sure every thing was okay.

Tony laughed. "Yeah, we're fine. My wife is weird, but we're fine."

Son of Pale Face - Watching the old Bob Hope movie, Pal hops up and starts barking, looking out the window.

"Pal! Hush." I glance out to see "what now" and there, in the road, are two little white puppies, drenched. It'd stopped rainy, thankfully. Tony and I went out to rescue them. We live by a busy road. They were hiding in a wooded lot, and so cute. I coached one of them out of the brush. He'd run toward me, sit up on his hind legs, then run away. Finally, he ran up, licked my hand, then ran away. But third time is a charm and I captured him.

We couldn't find the other puppy, but I had a feeling they belonged to the neighbors next to the empty lot. They have two white dogs. Sure enough, when we walked over, there was Mom, Dad and brother. The little ones escaped through the fence which is six feet tall. Tony had to get a ladder to drop them over the side, then we had to figure out a way to block the escape route!

They were so cute. I was sorta hoping to keep them. Which would have turned our house upside down. LOL. But for once, Pal's bark alarm accomplished something!

Hi Mom.


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Wonderful lesson from Moses, Rach!! And I'm still snickering over your neighbor thinking your house is on fire when it was really you craving a fire in the fireplace! Nice to have concerned neighbors, though. :)

Love ya,

Tracey Bateman said...

Hey, Rach,
I always love reading your blog. It feels like having you sitting in my living room talking to me. You're one of my favorite conversationalists. :)

Love the Moses lesson too. I'm feeling pretty bound by weaknesses. thanks!

Love lots

glimpsing gal said...

I just have to comment on this site, Rachel. Not just this post, but ALL the posts! I haven't visited in a while and have spent the better part of the past half-hour catching up and having a blast doing so (but this might be a good place to refer to your post on procrastination!) I love your insights and appreciate the honesty.

Love, Staci
(who is ending her own procrastination and getting back to the synopsis that is NOT writing itself!)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Love the Moses lesson too. I needed to hear this tonight. Being bound up by weaknesses isn't fun, I need to learn how to not get bound up in them and let God do His thing.