Thursday, February 17, 2005

A boo-boo

Tonight Tony and I were putting the top up on the Cabrio, and my finger got caught in the mental hinge. Tony was trying to lock his side down and I'm just screaming! Good bit of pain for about 20 minutes. My finger had a metal bar imprint and there's bleeding under the nail. It hurts to type.

Poor finger. I kept thinking, "How do you get the pain to stop?" Wow! Not fun, but I'm better now.

Good call with my Steeple Hill editor, Krista, today to discuss final changes on my chic lit. There aren't many. She's liked my rewrite. (huge sigh of relief.) I'm about to finish reading Bad Heiress Day. Very good story, and another Steeple Hill Cafe release.

Writing Lamert's Peace now and finding I'm a little short on my word count. I think. Not sure yet. I hate that. I didn't write myself into a corner, but need to add more emotion I think. Lambert's Code, I was over on word count. Go figure. And I thought that book was hard to write. LOL

The trip to Nashville went really well. Sydney, our new conference coordinator will do a fabulous job. The Sheraton is beautiful. The conference will be grand.

My friend, Ted, blessed me today. He said, "Rachel, I'm going to pray the joy of the Lord is your strenght always. That your radiate joy, impact others with the joy of the Lord."

I said, "Hum, I'll take it."

Well, we are going to watch Raising Helen.


Christine Lynxwiler said...

OUCH! I hope your finger is okay. We wouldn't want you to be unable to type!! Love your blog, Rach!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

I love that prayer your friend said he would pray for you.
Ouch on the finger.
I liked Bad Heiress Day. I have found that it is rare to see the kind of friendships that you see in that book in other books.
Yay on Krista liking your rewrite! Congrats!

Lynette Sowell said...

Like Christine said, Ouchie-ya-ya. It couldn't have been your toe, huh, nothing you need to type with? I enjoy your blog; it's refreshing. :)