Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There's no place like home, really?

We're home from vacation. Got in this afternoon. I've already vaccumed and mopped, unpacked, emailed, and am now blogging. (This one's for you, Chris.)

It's simply a beeeaauutiful central Florida day... not! It's cloudy and raining... and what IS that smell in my house? I cannot figure it out. Part musty, part stank. Anyway, I cleaned (sorta) so I'll have to figure it out later.

We have youth church tonight. Talk about hitting the ground running. Tomorrow is Fire Dweller leaders meeting and Mary Hogan's funeral. I need and want to be at both of those, so I plan to write in the morning and then in the evening. I have several things to be working on in February, the short month. Plus a trip to Nashville to view the conference site and a prayer retreat. And one speaking engagement. No two.

I read this in my RWA chic lit newsletter. Interview with Stephanie Lehmann, author and agent. She said, "I would never write from anything but the heart." I love that. I have to keep that in mind. Yes, their are publishing trends and demands. Do it. But write my story from my heart. Write my voice.

Does anyone know how to renew my RWA membership? I don't and I think it's due soon.

My tenure as ACFW President is drawing to a close. I'm both sad and excited. Sad to be leaving a position I love and a Board I adore. Excited to give more time and mental energy to writing. ACFW is an exceptional organization. I thank God for the ladies who founded it on a wing and a prayer: Lynn, Andrea, Tracie, DiAnn, Gail and Brandilyn. Thank you!

A cute little girl sat across the aisle from us on the airplane ride home. When we landed in Orlando and while taxing in, Tony unclicked his seatbelt. "Um, tellin'." So the little girl does the same and hops out of her seat like, "Woo hoo, we're here!" Her mom snaps her up and buckles her back in the seat. The little girl looks at her mom, then leans way over and looks at Tony, then looks at her mom again. I laughed and nudged Tony, "You're setting a bad example." The look on her faces was "sumptin ain't right here." But hey, she's spending the week with Micky. Her worries are over.

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Happy Birthday, Maureen! LIOB

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Christine Lynxwiler said...

Thanks, Rachel!! Great blog entry. I missed you while you were on vacation. :)