Thursday, February 10, 2005

Day in the life of a writer, well at least this writer

Write two lines, stare out the window, write two more lines, look up and think I'm sure so-n-so and so-n-so would write this story better than I am.

Let one of the dogs out. Write a sentence, pause to worry about next book. Let the other dog out. Write more. Throw a log on the fire. Wish I was Tracey Bateman or Kristin Billerbeck. Focus! Focus! Back to the story. Let dogs in because the scratching at the door is irritating.

Make a cup of tea. Wonder if it's going to turn my teeth some shade of yellow. Did I mention I think my hair is thinning on top? I promise! My part shows much more scalp that it used to! And my bangs fall funny. What will I do if I go bald on the forefront of my head? Wear a bandanna? Oh law.

Back to the story where the heroine has lucious blonde hair...


Tracey Bateman said...

Hey, Rach, ol' buddy ol' pal! When did you start wishing you were me? That's so cool. LOL Because you KNOW I wish I were you half the time. Gorgeous, smart, hilariously funny, SOOO anointed of God, a great leader, one of the few chicklit writers who can not only capture but keep my attention.
And You're losing your hair??? Do you know how often I've wanted to get rid of some of my mop....sheesh, some people have all the Luck...why not me, Lord? Why not me? :)
Love you, Girl. Can't wait to see all the wonderful, awesome plans God has in store for you. Your best days are ahead of you. The best is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Man, this has so been me today with my writing. Thanks for posting this link to your site on ACFW, Rachel. Made me smile!

C.J. Darlington