Sunday, February 13, 2005

A booksigning, and fried chicken

Lynn Coleman, Lousie Gouge and Eva Marie Everson and I had a booksigning in Orlando at Long's Bookstore today.

What fun! I roped Sheree into going with me. She took the pics. We met a lot of really nice people and had fun talking about writing and publishing.

Eva, Me, Louise, Lynn

Talking with a new friend

On the way home - Traffic was bad and we were starved. I wanted to go to Uno's Pizza but they were packed! Saturday night at 5:45. Hum.... go figger. So we whipped into Wendy's. I ordered a Number 5 combo meal with salad instead of fries though I was jonesing for some fries! But I unwrapped my sandwich to find a "Number 4" which is a double bacon cheeseburger. Definitely not Weight Watcher's friendly. So, thinking they made a mistake, (isn't it usually their fault) I kindly went over and told them I wanted a chicken not beef-n-pig. She fixes me up a new sandwich, I return to my seat to see it's not the grilled chicken I wanted-but-never-said, but the fried. Forget it. I bite.

I realized I ordered a Number 4 by acccident. Here's what happened. I know you're wondering. In line, I said to Sheree, "I'm getting a Number 5."

She said, "I'm getting a Number 4."

So, what do I do, step up to the counter and order a Number 4. Bottom line, it's Sheree's fault. Wink, wink.

At home - I kissed my hubby and got down to editing the galley's for Lambert's Code. Chatted with Tracey, Chris and Eric on line and sat in front of the fire. It's cold tonight. But I want to enjoy it while it last even though the house smells like the aftermath of a forest fire. Not quite, but you get my meaning.

Yes, the time stamp is correct. I have to go to sleep or I won't be awake enough to lead worship in the mornig. Be sure to click on the name of my fellow authors and visit their sites!

Peace Out.

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