Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

I've been awarded a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from friend, fellow author and blogger extraordinaire of girlswriteout.

Colleen is an influential person in my life. The Lord sent her as a direct answer to a prayer I prayed when I went to the Houston ACFW Conference in 2003.

This year, she's been a huge source of strength, encouragement and wisdom to me as I've waded deeper into the publishing waters.

In fact, all the GirsWriteOut - Kristin, Diann and Denise - are friends and encouragers to me.

So, who do I award Rockin' Girl Blogger to?

My sister, Rebekah Gunter. She has funny blogs about the life of a working mom of four. Even adds picture.

Also to very good pals and authors Christine Lynxwiler, Susan May Warren, Tracey Bateman. Love you guys!

To reviewer who lives in one of my favorite countries, Autralia, Rel Reviews.

And sister-in-law, Julie Hayes.

(Hey, can I now say I'm an award winning author?)


Rebekah said...

hey, thanks for mentioning me... and yes, YOU ARE NOW AN AWARD WINNING AUTHOR! Cant wait to see you, just 7 days from now

Rel said...

Hey Rach - thanks :) Now I'm an award winning reviewer - LOL!!!