Sunday, July 15, 2007

In The Fire

Another In The Fire conference is over. Three great nights of worship and teaching.

But let me say: we're about exhorting and embolding. We don't hold ITF for people to gain more of a conference, fill-me-feed-me mentality.

Our heart is to encourage you in prayer, fasting, worshipping, loving God and loving others.

Fun for me tonight was leading the first worship set. Man. I had a full band, and Alex on drums. I love my Church On The Rock band, but throw in Phillip on electric, add another keyboard player, then Alex on drums, a perc section, bass. I'm in heaven.

Misty Edward's "Favorite One" blew up, as Javi would say. The Lord so made His presence known. The song went through every emotion it seemed: soft, loud, over the top, to silence and weeping.

Jesus came when we cried out, "and I'll crown you with my love." I saw with my heart's eye as He bent to receive each worshipper's crown of love. Amazing. He's so amazing.

In the midst of doing the conference every night, I worked on Sweet Caroline edits from Leslie. She's doing a good job of finding my weaknesses with this manuscript. For some reason, I just wrote too many scenes "off stage." You know, told about somethign in hind sight.

Anyway, I wrote this one scene today. When I was done I thought, "Wow, who wrote that. It's good."

Wanna read it? Later... :)

As always with this confernce, I exhort everyone to write down their take away. Don't just come, listen, worship radically, then go home to be the same as you were on Wednesday.

This time, I had them think of that one thing they know God wants them to do. Witness to someone, work on a relationship, give up a passion or sin. Just one thing. Then, believe in a month, it will come to pass.

We leave conferences, even Sunday morning church, inspired but without direction. We need to set specific goals and pray to achieve them.

Like I tell people who want to write. "Know what the number one writing rule is?"

"No," they say.

"Butt in chair."

The story won't write itself! Believe me. It's hard work. Butt in chair is where it all begins.

So, what is God speaking to you? Write it down, set an action plan then make it happen. Prayfully.

Well, it's late. More later on lots of stuff.

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Kristy Dykes said...

The girl opens her mouth, wisdom pours out. Man, your post was good.