Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm going to be on TV.

Yep, you heard it here. August 6th, Deeper Living.

The show will be filmed live-to-tape in Atlanta with Tammy Alexander and me. We're doing this to promote ACFW, but also our writing and books.

I was really excited to go on the show, then I found out Tammy was going to be on. Now, nothing against Tammy - she's a friend and I love her, but ...

Tammy's a 1000 watt spot light. I'm a 40 watt GE.

She's won a RITA, acclaim, top picks, a Library Journal pick.

I was voted Most Spirited '85 for my sorority.

Maybe I should lose ten more pounds, get porcelain veneers, and a new outfit. ;)

I'm working with Sarah again. Loooong story, but my friend Ted is taking care of Sarah and her mom, Helen. I worked with Sarah years ago, and Ted needed someone experienced to take Sarah out a few hours a week.

Two hours, a hundred dollars. Couldn't pass it up. And, I don't have to do it every week. So, if I'm on deadline, I can postpone.

Who is Sarah? She's a fifty-something woman who sort of checked out of life when she was seventeen. She's smart, clever and cunning, but she's "not there." She lives in her own world.

She's unpredictable and well, clothes can be optional. ;) Ted said I need to learn her new tricks before taking her out.

I just felt like one, we could use a little extra money, and two, need to get out of myself. I'm too solitary at times, the internet my link to friends.

Working with Sarah will be good.

Met with my artist source and friend today, Jon Houghton. It was awesome. We talked for 2.5 hours. He is so knowledgeable about art and art history. I was able to work out some awkward details to my new story and add some really fun layers.

I'm sure we'll be talking again.

Talked to my bud, Susan Warren today. Just needed to sound out some things, get some advice, talk about writing. She's such a great source of widsom and encouragement.

Peace out.


Rel said...

MMmmmm....I am thinking you a being alittle hard on yourself, Rach!!!

Rebekah said...

Remember.... Good Morning America!
And is Colleen the one we ate at Mcdonalds with about 5 years ago when we visited Pete and Julie in their apartment?

Kristy Dykes said...

THanks for the link to Deeper Living. I enjoyed watching the interview of Colleen Coble and Lori Wick. Great.

When your show airs, let us know, okay? I'd like to watch it.

Interestingly, I taped a 28-minute TV show yesterday plugging Christian fiction!