Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six Days A Week

I've been writing six days a week. No less than seven hours a day, depending on the day, usually eight to ten, lately twelve.

Today, I planned on writing, but after getting up early for church, leading worship, going to a lunch to discuss some things with our senior pastor, I was beat! So, I decided to take today off.

Tony and I watched "Knotting Hill." I love that movie. So quirky yet deep in places. You can actually buy this super star American actress falling in love with a quirky English book shop owner.

Brother Joel called. Yay! Loved talking to you, bro!

Pastor Gary brought up a good point in his sermon this morning. Some times God "prunes" us so others can bear fruit. Ouch. Not a refrigerator verse, eh? But, He does. And after our pruning and regrowth, we are stronger and more beautiful than before.

So, guess I can endure the occassional snip, snip.

Am fixing to read a Robin Lee Hatcher book, A Carol for Christmas. I picked it up at the ChiLibris retreat. It looks good.

Have a blessed Sunday, or whatever day it is that you're reading this!

Peace out.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

God prunes us so others can bear fruit... ouch.

hey I finished my book...

you have a blessed Monday!

swilder said...

Like Heather, the phrase "Sometimes God prunes us so others can bear fruit" really resounded with me. Very deep. Very true.

I love hearing the tidbits of your life and I also love the little nuggets of wisdom (like this one) that are interspersed throughout.

Tracey Bateman said...

Glad you took a day off. Notting HIll is one of my favs too. Actually pretty much anything Hugh grant is in--even ABOUT A BOY.

Miss you, Roomie! Let's finish these books and schedule a LONG phone conversation (after 7 pm when I have free minutes :) )

I don't want to talk about pruning, though. OY VEY

Love lots