Saturday, July 01, 2006

July already?

Is it July already. Holy schmoly. I am working, working, working. I printed out the whole book so far and read it. Need more editing, more emotion and a back half. ;0

I'm watching Bridget Jones Diary on TV and wow, Hugh Grant looks old. Aren't there any young single men? Are they all 40ish?

Anyway, the Diva is coming along. God is faithful. I'm trying to keep it real, you know? I'm trying to be me, Rachel-the-writer, and not wish I were Sophie Kinsella-the-writer. There is something I have to say, right?

I do so love Aubrey James. I think she's my favorite character ever, I'm just struggling to get all of her beauty on paper, in the story.

GEORGIA ON HER MIND - Reading bits and pieces of this book... I'm so very proud of it. Macy is also one of my favorite characters. She's funny and sweet. I also LOVE the cover. Steeple Hill did a great job.

Well, off to work and not be too distracted by BJD movie.


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