Monday, July 03, 2006

Convergence of time

This afternoon, sitting at my computer, typing away on my story, the phone rings. Area code, Denver.

I answer thinking it might be the hotel, for whatever reason, I'm staying in this week for a writer's retreat and the bookseller's trade show.

No. Way better. It was Mo, Maureen Rojas, my friend and sorority sister from Ohio State! So amazing! We haven't talked in eighteen, ninteen years. I think we gathered for Aleta's wedding in '87.

As if time had never passed, we talked as if we'd seen each other in the past decade. Smooth and comfortable.

Mo called to say she was meeting up with another old friend and sorority sister, Susan, in Nashville and wondered if I needed a research trip. Snicker.

No, I don't, but Hey! I'm going to be in Denver. What a co-inky dink. So, we are meeting Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it.

On the other hand, Lance and Shannon are leaving tonight. We're meeting them for dinner tonight, then they are heading out. Their house of eleven years stands empty. Walking through, I let myself remember the days gone by - Thursday night prayer and watching Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier. Eukre games and Gilmore Girls. Of holding new born Seth, Aimee, Claire or Chloe. Watching movies, walking down to say hi on Christmas.

Gone are the days of mass youth retreats to Georgia and Tennessee. Or leader retreats to North Carolina. Those days have been gone for awhile, but didn't seem so distant when Lance and Shannon still lived down the street.

But, tonight, they embark on the next phases of their life and calling. Moving to Texas for Lance to take a job as Business Administrator and family pastor at a large north Dallas church.

This is an excellent and amazing opportunity for them, but wow, Lance and Shannon, Seth, Aimee, Claire and Chloe - moved away? Feels weird and odd.

The house echoed with the quiet of silenced memories.

But 2006 has been and is about change - growth, expansion, moving onward and upward into the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus. Tony and I were counting them up the other day and there are like ten major things happening with us and those around us. With the Lord moving so many boundaries, it makes me wonder, "whatz up!"

Blessings to you, Lance and Shannon. We love you.

Mo, see you soon!


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