Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On my bed...

Been reading Song of Solomon 3 in preparation for the "In The Fire" conference (August 5, 6th)

I feel God is calling us out of our slumber. Here's the lead in to chapter 3.

The Bride (er, you and me) is in love, she's found her one true love and has grown comfortable. In verse one, she says, "On my bed night after night I sought Him whom my soul loves, but did not find Him."

On her bed? She looked for him on her bed? Hey, Bridie, get UP, out of BED and look for Him. But no, she wants to stay in her comfort zone.

The Bride is in her same old place, but the Groom, Jesus has moved. She's sitting up going, "Jesus, oh, Jesus, where art Thou?"

He doesn't respond because He wants her to follow Him.

Finally, she decided to get out of bed and look for him in the city - among her friends. This is such a key verse for the church - individually and corporately.

We are happy for Jesus to show up in our nice neat little church services, but we never expect to find him... out there! Hey, if Jesus was among the sinners and destitute when He physically walked the earth, what makes us think He's not now?

The Bride runs into the watchmen while looking for her Beloved. The watchmen are the wholehearted worshippers, the forerunners, the John the Baptist of our day, pointing the way to Jesus.

We are to be like David and point the seeking to Jesus. Not to ourselves (hey, pay attention,) but to Jesus. It's not about "my" ministry, but His Kingdom! His Bride.

Remember Hegai in Esther 2? He was the eunuch in charge of preparing the young women to go into the King. We are called to be spiritual eunuchs. Not desiring the Bride for ourselves but doing all we can to prepare her for intimacy with the King. The church isn't about making me feel important, but about making His name known.

If we get in the way.. look out.

So, back to the Bride running around the city. It's a wake up call to us. Eph 5:14 is the same, "Awake O Sleeper!"

Romance 13:11, "Wake up, the night is almost gone! Salvation is near!"

If you are awake, and trimming your lamp with oil, be a watchman and point the seeking to their Beloved. If you are seeking him "on your bed," get up. Get out there! Find Him.

Let's live wholehearted and abandoned for Jesus. We can't lose!


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Heather Diane Tipton said...

oooh excellent post!

The conference sounds really good too!