Friday, January 30, 2009

Book Clubs and me

What a blast I had this week. Sorry to have been quiet in the blog world -I know y'all missed me, now - but I was in Atlanta visiting 3 book clubs.

Monday and Tuesday I visited a book club in Buford, just north of Atlanta. Nora, you are such a great book club coordinator and host. Thank you for having me.

Wednesday, I drove down to Buckhead to check out the area for a book setting. Paid $6.00 plus tip for a medium size chocolate milk shake. Kid you not.

Thursday night I spoke at the North Metro church book club. Thank you Sheryl and Crystie. I felt very welcomed. You all are a great group of readers.

All three book clubs were thriving and vibrant and I thought, "Hey, why not start one of my own?" So, I just might.

On Thursday, I also visited my aunt and uncle in Duhlanega. They have a great little place there and it was my first visit. My uncle recounted his salvation experience with such heart he had my aunt and I in tears. God is so tender, patient and good.

Special thanks to fellow writers and ACFW friends Ane Mulligan and Amy Wallace, and their families, for hosting me this week. I so appreciate you ladies!

Final word on "Love Starts With Elle?" Fabulous. Of course, of course.


Nora St. Laurent said...

All the groups were excited to meet you Rachel, They loved your spirit and book. I learned many things about you that I passed on to my Thursday night group, they loved your book as well.

Thanks for spending time with us and taking pictures with us and signing our books. We are excited about your new writing adventure "Sweet Bye and Bye". Blessings on your writing friend.

Nora St.Laurent -
ACFW Book Club Assistant
Book Club Servant Leader

Rel said...

I'm sure all those ladies were completely privileged to have you visit, Rach!

Hey, I'd join your book club....if only our Melbournes were the same - LOL!

Ane Mulligan said...

You're an easy guest to have, Rachel. Shadrach misses you terribly. He watched the front door for about 15 minutes after you left, then Wednesday night he whined at the guest room door. Next time, you'll have to stay longer.

I didn't realize you have relatived in Dahlonega. I love that little village. It's on one of my manuscripts. :) Great ambiance!

Rachel Hauck said...

Ane, give Shad a big hug and kiss for me. :) He's such a sweet dog. All 170 lb of him.

I was very welcomed at your home. Thank you. Hey to Terry and Greg.

Hugs, Rachel

Amy Wallace said...

We loved having you visit too! My girls keep asking when you're coming to visit again. ;-) My middle princess said her room looks lonely without you.

Thank you for bringing with you a fragrance of Christ and sharing His peace with us.

Jodi Girden said...

Sign me up for a Melbourne book club!