Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our government

Tell me this. How come our government is asking every one to sacrifice but themselves?

They get an automatic raise every year while the constituents are being laid-off.

They are spending our money bailing out irresponsible companies.

They are covering their poor laws and poor oversight on gov't programs like Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac with OUR tax dollars.

The man or woman making $17 an hour is being asked to bail out the man or woman making $30 an hour. (Thank you auto industry.)

Our new president is spending $150 million on his inauguration while asking us to hold on for the ride.
Our government wants us to believe they are needed to watch over the "evil" corporations. But from what I see, they are way more corrupt and evil. Who watches over them? The media? That's arm of society is SUPPOSED to watch over government and expose all crime and fraud.

But after this last election, their bias is clear. They cover up for "their" politicians and hound the ones they hate.

I read a 2008 book review where the characters were supposed to be like W and Laura Bush. Publishers Weekly said the W-like character bungled his off-the-cuff speech like the real W.

This after we clearly witnessed a very bungling "uh-um" ridden Barack Obama who ever after his blunders spoke off-the-cuff with a teleprompter.

Sure W blundered. Sure Obama blundered. So SAY that. Even PW's biased was blatant.

So who is watching over our government. God. Us, the believers, who bend the knee daily to pray for America.

This is my prayer out of Revelation 11:15. "The kingdom of (America) has become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, forever and ever."


Sharon Hayes said...

AMEN Rachel, I agree whole-heartedly. One questions - what is PW? I'm going to send this to several friends.

Rebekah said...

If he was truly a great leader- he would pass on all the cerimonious crap and get to the business for which he was hired (tightening his belt like he is asking all of us to do)