Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isn't prostitution illegal in the U.S.?

A San Diego student is selling her virginity on the internet to raise money for her graduate degree.

What is the world coming to? Her soul, spirit and body is worth the price of a graduate degree? Degrees most of us never use?

The story, running in a UK paper,said her highest bid is 2.5 million pounds/3.7 million U.S.

How does she get away with this? Isn't selling your body for money illegal? No matter how neat and tidy the offer? Even call girls in fancy hotels who charge thousands of dollars are doing illegal activity. It's not just the street walkers.

This is really super sad and what a horrible example to set for young women. Your virginity is a commodity?

What's the old adage? "We've established what you are, now we're just determining price."

Wouldn't we be disgusted if she were to sell herself for a $1? How does it change because millions of dollars are involved?

Human trafficking and sex slave trades are becoming rampant. What we don't need is a woman behaving so casually about her body and soul. When we accept this type of behavior, we weaken the fabric of society, the value and treasure of women.

Remember that at the high end of activity there is always a low end. High price call girls and strung out street walkers. It's still the same thing.

To think, all this for a master's degree in marriage and family counseling. Do you want THIS woman counseling you and your family?

Women who did this to save themselves from the Nazis were vilified by their communities.

This is where we are as a country. Look around the world. What is the economic and social condition of countries who leave morality behind? Is that the America you want to live in?

Where is the National Organization of Women? This action and attitude degrades all women. It makes our worth no more than the price of virginity. Got to say, I'm outraged at this.

Speak up. Blog about this. Email friends. Pray.

A writer friend of mine has also voiced her sadness over this situation.


Robin Bayne said...

Good point, Rachel! What a sad world.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

If I remember right, (this has been going on a while and I may be getting my facts wrong) but I think the reason it's legal is because she's going through some brothel in Vegas.

I wonder how respected she thinks she'll be as a counselor? People will always remember her as the chick who sold her virginity. Not the kind of professional I'd go to for help.

Also wonder if she'll actually go through with it. Though I think her sister works at that same brothel so it's probably not as shocking to her. In fact she says things that make it sound like she feels empowered by making this choice. :0/ Satan has her so utterly deceived.

Michelle V said...

That is horrible! I hadn't heard about it. I am thoroughly disgusted!

Dawn said...

Actually, it's very sad that a young girl would think this was a good idea - and I'd like to know who's doing the bidding on this! They should put the pictures of teh bidders on huge billboards because they're probably married.

Rebekah said...

that is absolutley prostitution. Where are the cops on this one??

Thomas Clifford said...

The deal is being done in Nevada where prostitution is legal. Sad but true. You would think that your first time would be priceless, not true anymore.. Sad, sad, double sad! How do you explain that to your kids later in life....ding ding ding, you don't!