Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How do George and Laura Bush feel now?

I'm teary-eyed thinking about them, getting on the plane that flew them to Dallas, taking them from Washington D.C., ending eight hard fought years.

George W. is leaving an office and job that still teams with the issues and work he faced. He knows what we face as Americans, as a nation.

I wonder what he feels. Relief? Sadness? Can you believe there were people at the inauguration who snubbed him and jeered. Talk about rude and hateful!

Does he feel confident he did the job he was called to do? Is he ready to fade into private life? How do you go from fighting for freedom and safety for eight years to putting your feet up on the recliner and reaching for the remote?

He doesn't, I suppose.

But, you know how you feel when you have to leave a party early? Or when you left a job but Monday morning, everyone would be there like always but without you? It's kind of a weird, sad feeling.

Does he wish he'd accomplished more, or have done more?

He's lost sleep, I know, worrying over our nation. While I didn't agree with him on everything, George W. Bush was a great president. I can't think of a better man to be in office on 9/11.

It takes a man of character to be willing to be the most hated president in order to do what needed to be done to make and keep us safe.

Thank you, President Bush. We will miss your leadership and steadfastness. May God bless you and reward your faithfulness if not in this life, the one to come.


Sharon Hayes said...

Very well said Rachel, I too think he feels a since of relief and sadness at the same time. I really hope that from time to time we get to see him and Laura & hear what they are doing. It greatly grieves me the way the media & his political enemies have maligned him and misrepresented what he stood for. The way he has carried himself & refused to lower himself to their tactics is testimony to his faith & walk w/the Lord Jesus.

Michelle V said...

My mom was never a Bush supporter and for the past 8 years when the helicopters and fighter jets fly over, she would complain (as if it's a horrible disturbance), but I have always pointed out to my sons that it's pretty cool to have the Pres. of the United States flying over our heads all the time! Not every kid experiences that. And personally, I think he's a great man who did not get the credit he deserved for all he has done for our country!


Georgiana said...

Amen! And I absolutely adore Mrs. Bush--a true lady.

Robin said...

I was so saddened at the level of disrespect President Bush received, both from the public and the professionals. I think it is a very sad commentary on the state of our nation.
I did not vote for President Obama. But you will never catch me being disrespectful to him or about him.
I wish our nation had just a bit more class.

Dawn said...

I love George and Laura Bush. I know that history will show he was a true liberator and great man of character and faith.
I can't wait to buy the book he's gonig to be writing soon.

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Thank you so much for your post, Rachel!!

I'm thankful that he has been our President, regardless of what has been said and I too, do not agree with every decision he made. But I hate to think where we'd be if he hadn't been our President on 9/11 and thereafter.

Thanks again for saying this!

lisa said...

I like that man!

And I was a hundred times more comfortable, felt a hundred times more secure with him as my president then I do with our new president. I don't think America will be the same in four years.

Salute to the Bushes!