Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year.

It's a cool blustery day in central, coastal Florida. We were up 'til 2 a.m. watching a movie with our friends Matt and Jodi. Though, I do believe the two "old guys," Tony and me, outlasted the two "young guys." :)

I'm getting over a near brush with bronchitis. Sheesh. Never heard those words before. So, I'm taking it easy today. Tony's napping. Later will be off to Beef O'Brady's for a bit of Rose Bowl watching.

What's up for the new year? Writing. But mostly determined to be about my Father's business, to draw near to the Throne of Grace, to be about Jesus.

Most of the time we worry about external goals - what we eat, how we look, exercise and other disciplines. I call them external because they are ultimately about our own souls and how we appear on the outside.

I want to be changed on the inside. I want to be rooted, ground in the Love of Christ. I want the last seat, in the last row, clear in the back of the auditorium. Humility. He'll be with me. And if He wants me up front, He'll invite me.

What does this look like, feel like? I have no idea, but I am sick of being about me. Blech. I want to be about heaven coming on earth, partnering with Jesus to accomplish the Father's plan.

He'll take care of me. I don't need to worry or strive to elbow my way to the front. I mean, haven't we all tried that in one way or another? If not literally, in our own minds and souls. What was the fruit? Bad. Sour.

I'm not talking about false humility or passiveness or even a ho-hum "whatever God will do, He will do."

I'm the Bride of Christ. I can present myself to Him in confidence. I can ask what He needs, what He wants, I can even present ideas of my own to Him. It's a conversation, a dialog, a relationship.

What marriage works if one spouse sits in a corner waiting to be beckoned by the other? What wife wants to only be summoned "when needed." A-hem.

No, we want to participate. Partner. Be in a two way relationship. It's what Jesus wants from us. Not to say we are equal to Him, but He's invited us to the dance, given us His robes of righteousness to wear. Let's put on the Lord Jesus Christ in confidence and be boldly about the Father's business.

That's what I want in 2009. What will it look like? I have No idea, but I pray my heart and mind is ready.


Michelle V said...


Happy New Year! I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm glad you're taking it easy. I'm with you in that I want internal changes for 2009! I want more Jesus!


Barbara J. Robinson said...


I love today's post and had to comment. Great inspiration to begin the New Year!


Rebekah said...

Good post. But "blustery" and "Florida" do not go in the same sentence- especially when talking about the weather