Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weddings, Celebrations, Life

We went to a wedding tonight. It was lovely and sweet, but it was during the reception when people were talking and dancing that the celebration began.

Maybe because I'm in deep-dark-writing-mode and don't get out much, but it was fun to laugh and talk, dance a little, eat a little.

Have cake. I love cake.

On the way home, I told Tony, "We don't celebrate enough."

We being Tony and me, sure, but people, the church. Ancient cultures took days, even weeks to celebrate. Not just some, but all. Businesses closed, activity stopped.

To celebrate.

Even Biblically we see a call to celebrations.

If you don't have a wedding or party event coming up soon, plan one. Invite friends and family.



Kristy Dykes said...

A good idea, Rachel. I love parties and celebrations.

SaraBeth said...

Speaking of celebrations, I am throwing my friend a surprise party on Friday! I am so excited!!! She doesn't suspect a thing.
But your reminder is awesome. There's a song we sing in church, "We Will Dance," that is such a good reminder of Heaven. Whenever we sing it, I leave rejoicing and imaging how awesome Heaven will be! All Believers together, a living testimony that God is the Author of salvation, prainsing Him. Man! Gives me chill bumps!
So thanks for the reminder!