Saturday, January 27, 2007

Making a Case

Pardon me while I make a case, from the Word. Hang with me, this is interesting. Promise.

In Numbers 27, the daughters of Zelophehad went to Moses and said, "Hey, just because we're girls we don't think we should lose out on our fathers inheritance."

They made their case. Our dad died. He was a righteous man, and why should his name be cut off because he had no son?

Moses goes, "Hum, I'll talk to God."

Know what God said, "They are right. Give them their inheritance with all the others."

This is incredible at so many levels. First of all, the daughters showed wisdom. They knew their father's name did not deserve to be cut off, thus recognizing justice.

Unlike how many women would react today, the submitted to the proper authority and justice channels. They humbled themselves and went to Moses, and pleaded their cases.

They trusted God to look out for them when technically, maybe they didn't get an inheritance with their father's brothers.

And the thing is, no one was offering. Hey, want us to give you your Dad's land?

No, they had to SEEK it! They had to have vision and hope and dreams.

God honored them. He said, they are right.

Had they not been bold, yet humble, they would've never gotten an inheritance with their father's brothers. They would've been left out.

They didn't give into their "position" as woman or daughters, they sought justice.
They hoped in God.

My guess is they changed their lives and destiny. Instead of being poor and waiting on a husband, they had land, they hand an INHERITANCE.

What are you doing to lay hold of your inheritance? Are you waiting for someone to hand it to you? Waiting for someone to recognize injustice and go, "Oh, we're sorry, here."

I think God knew all along they deserved their father's inheritance, but he waited to see if they would come and ask.

Don't wait. Ask. Humbly. You also notice they didn't do a libber thing on Moses and God, spouting in justice to woman and unfairness and needing equal rights and compensation.

They didn't overplay their hand. Wisdom!


Kristy Dykes said...

Great post, Rachel. It blessed me.

Anonymous said...

I like this Rachel, wish there was a way you could publish this in some lib magazine

Love Mom