Saturday, January 06, 2007

We took down the beast

All right, I've had enough. The beast, er, the Christmas tree must come down. I woke up with writing on my mind, took Pal for a walk, (man it's hot for January) and came home ready to fritter away some time until I could get up the courage to write.

Tony and I started talking about going for some lunch, running some errands, and I tossed out, taking down the faux tree.

Then, we had a good idea. (Bling!) Just move the tree, ornaments and all into the guest bedroom, stick it in the corner and ta-da, we're practically set for next year.

Here we go.

I hold the top while Tony picks up the bottom part of the tree. We have to be careful or it will come apart. The tree is at a thirty degree angle as we inch our way across the living room.

Ornaments are falling all over the place.

We pass the couch and more ornaments crash to the carpet.

As we shove the tree down the hallway, ornaments litter the floor and we haven't even gotten to the narrow bedroom door.

"Abort mission. It's not working."

While I pack up ornaments, a chore I was somehow hoping to avoid, Tony mushed and smashed the tree into the tree bag - the thing is a beast - and lugged it down the hall to the bedroom.

There it sits in the corner, just like we planned. Only not so much.


Julie Dearyan said...

Such a riot about the tree! I can so identify~!

Elizabeth said...

LOL I'm picturing that big tree in that little room!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe you. No kids, no one to cook, clean and do laundry for...and you dont have time to take down your tree.....You're a dork. :)

Rachel Hauck said...


Kristy Dykes said...

We took our faux green Christmas tree apart in the middle and carried the top half intact up the attic stairs( no ornaments, though). The bottom half was too wide, so we took it apart. But next year, the process will be a little easier. But I may decide to use my beautiful white tree instead. Sigh.

Thanks for a peek into your life! Enjoyed it.