Monday, January 01, 2007

Moral Excellence

Tony taught out of 2 Peter 1: 3 - 12 yesterday. He did what he does so well, open up the scripture so we see there's more to this life.

What stood out to Tony was diligence. How we need to be diligent to pursue Him.

What stood out to me was moral excellence. We are called to moral excellence. We are called to tap into the divine.

So, why do we spend so much time identifying with moral mediocrity. Is there a gene that makes us behave subpar? I don't think so. We've gotten lazy. We like excuses.

Do you struggle with sin? Stop looking for an excuse. Press into the One who overcame sin and strive for moral excellence.

Think about it, can we really be conformed to the image of Christ and still identify with sin?

For example, perhaps you struggle with sexual sin. And let me say, all sex outside of marriage is Biblically classified as sin. I don't care if you've lusted for the same-sex persons or opposite-sex persons your whole life.

It's still sin if you act on it. And guess what, it's sin if you identify with it. The struggle isn't sin, the agreement is.

If you struggle with lying, the struggle can be won by identifying with Jesus, and pressing into Him and agreeing with what He says about you. But if you agree with lying, then it's sin.

If you go around knocking yourself down, wallowing in self-pity, "No body likes me, every body hates me," you're agreeing with a lie. Thus lying to yourself.

We are called to so much more IN this life. We can tap into the divine and see it manifest in our lives.

We can be morally excellent. Not proud. Not judgemental. But excellent.

Listen, I have compassion for anyone struggling with sin or battling negative emotions. I do not judge.

What I don't like is the answers to these struggles. "It's just the way I am." Or, "This is all God has for me, ho-hum."

No! He has more. In this life. Read 2 Peter 1:3-12. Ask God to open it to you.

Make 2007 a year of identifying with moral excellence, believing with a little diligence and getting to know Him more, your life, even your emotions will be changed!

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Kristy Dykes said...

Preach it, sistah! Man, Rach, you're a preaching machine. Thanks for the good word today. (I typoed and typed "god" for "good" at first. But it would've worked!)