Sunday, April 02, 2006

What we take in

I have to guard what I see and read. A bad spiritual tone bugs me. I started reading a book by an artist/musician who believes in all kinds of weird spiritual stuff, and man, it's creeping me out.

Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world, but I can't keep reading, not even for research. She gets very detailed about her life as a recording artist, but she also get's very detailed about the weird spiritual crap she believes and does - it's nasty. So, bye-bye book.

I'd won't mention her name here, but don't buy her stuff, though.

As to my last post, I'm over it, but the issue still needs to be resolved. I was able to talk to a key person today about my situation and it helped.

I'm going to God with it. I just have to lean and depend more and more on Him.

But, back to the mystic artist. If she can get inspiration, songs, whatever from "spirit guides," I KNOW I can get inspiration, stories and whatever from THE SPIRIT of God.

I read bios of authors and artist, and many of them delve into the supernatural, just not Jesus supernatural. This is why I think Christian writers ought to be the best, the most anointed.

There's a creative flow coming from the heart of God. BUT, it has to be about his great Son, Jesus. It can't be about me getting rich and famous. No, and I don't want that. I want Jesus to be glorified.

Look at David and Solomon. What creative writers. David always found his hope in the Lord. And his writings have survived four thousand years.

In whatever you do, fix cars, build houses, manage a shop or team of people, ask God for His creativity to flow through you. For Jesus sake.