Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sometimes you have to take a day...

... and do errands. Got up for an 8:30 meeting, which went well, but long. Then went to pastor/Fire Dweller leader prayer, followed by our Fire Dweller meeting, followed by lunch with Javi, errands, a visit to Barnes & Noble and at last home.

We have a new Fire Dweller motto. Talk is cheap.

Now I'm writing a few pages of Diva. I'm ready to get started and reading through a book for a friend before she turns it in to our editor.

Tomorrow is busy again. Wedding rehearsal and dinner tomorrow night for one of our former youth. I'm singing at the wedding Saturday morning. And yes, I'm crazy.

We have a house guest from Kansas City. She took my car to the beach today and had a good time. We continue to meet KC people, one by one, as they come for a Florida vacation. What a cool calling we have!

Grace and peace.

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Kristin Billerbeck said...

I'm jealous. I haven't been to a wedding in ages, though I'm invited to one in August. Nothing days are relaxing. I like to use them to "think". I prefer to do this in a convertible, but God currently has other plans.