Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

It's an old Monkey's tune. Now you know.

Long day at church with services and after church party for the youth, but it was fun. Good conversation around the light booth with Dave, Trisha, Elizabeth, Chelle and et. al.

Afterwards, Tony and I came home and have been talking and doing stuff on our computers. Very nice evening.

Damaged Mirror Update: I was able to electronically adjust my mirror, so the damage is managed. The mirror is cracked pretty bad and the casing was broken off, but it's wedged on for now.

Death Of A Mailbox: Tony went to leave for church and found our mail box on the ground, belly up. It's dead. The mail box bashers have done him in. Funeral services will be tomorrow at 10:00. Dirge at 10:02. Burial at 10:04.

Please, do not send flowers. The family request donations to the Replace Bash Mail Box fund.

Mail Box was 5 years old. He is not survived by any other mail boxes.


Julie said...

Well, if this writing thing doesn't work out you should have no problem securing a job doing obits at your local newspaper. :)

So glad we saw you in N-town! We send our condolensces (sp?).

Love you!

Ame said...

Hummmmm . . . Mirror; Mailbox; and M_____________! Things come in three's, you know! What do you think the third "M" thing is? Maple syrup spilled on the floor; the unscrewed lid on the Mustard bottle falling off as you dress your hamburger; your Mop joining your Mailbox among the deceased; your favorite Mug visiting the tile floor at lightning speed??? hehehehehe

glimpsing gal said...

I have to agree with Julie - you're very clever with the obits!

And I can totally sympathize with the whole car mirror thing. Same thing happened with us - except it was our seventeen-year-old son who backed out of the garage and sliced the mirror!

Love, Staci

Will H. Donaldson Family said...

Perhaps for your next mailbox you could install a flexible post? This way if it gets bashed again it will simply "bounce back". Might work for the mirror too! ;-p

Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL I just assumed you were majorily sleep deprived when writing about the mailbox :-)