Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A pair of jeans

I have a pair of jeans I love. When I pull them from the dryer and slip them on, they are snug and make me feel fat.

But, I wear them for an hour or two, they loosen up so much I feel skinny again.

We all have our sick ways, don't we?


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Yeppers. I have TWO pair of jeans I love. One pair I wear on days I want to feel motivated to lose weight. The other (larger) pair I wear when I want to feel totally comfortable just like I am. Who needs entertainment when you play those kinds of games with yourself? :) ~ Hugs, Chris

Ame said...

Ohhhh, please don't lable "this" as sick!!!!! hehehehehe

Gosh, I've just had the chance to get caught up on your blog - some tough stuff in your life. What you write about your anger disturbs me a little - like you have no right to get angry? But I'll assume I know so little of the situation and that the counsel you are receiving is solid and balanced.

A great BIG thumbs up for guarding your eyes and ears and heart and mind and soul - there is so much thrown in our face that we need to do all we can to protect our purity with Christ on every level. Good for you for not letting "research" become an excuse for crossing a line that should never be crossed.

Heather Diane Tipton said...


Rachel Hauck said...


Yes, I know it's okay to get angry. But not to assume or judge. And really, deal with my anger. Truly, I want to be unoffendable. I know a teen girl like that - she's so sweet and unassuming. I've never seen her angry or offended, even when she's snubbed. She smiles and goes on her way. And no, she doesn't go home and cry about it. I've never met anyone like her.

I'm not like that, but I do feel strongly that my emotions are mine to guard. :)