Sunday, October 31, 2004

This Weekend All Hallow's Eve

October 31 - Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the Wittenberg door 487 years ago today, October 31. He preached salvation by grace and the error of the tradition of indulgences. I wonder where are the Martin Luthers of our day? The men and women with a zeal for the truth of the Word, fearless of tradition, yet honoring of authority. Luther's letter to the Pope asking him to do away with indulgences was humble, and full of honoring words to his spiritual authority.

Look at how one man's spiritual appetite changed the "modern day" church. He not only bucked church tradition, but social norms.

This Past Week - I have no big news. It was a good week. I finished Lambert's Code edits and have emailed it in. The hero and heroine are married and that was a tougher situation than I would have imagined to write. I want the reader to like both of them, but yet they are the ones in conflict.

I started edits on my chic lit and have a good idea of what I need to do. Just want to do it well. The writer's life is an interesting life. Elation mingled with insecurity. But, I'm determined to find my hope and inspiration in Jesus.

Our Country - That condition of our country burdens my heart. There is no integrity, not sense of right or wrong. Cheaters trying to win at all costs. Losers claiming they are winners even when the are not. It's like the King has no clothes. No one will speak up or conceed! Winners apologizing to liers, and excusing away their beliefs. We live by our appetites and decide with emotion. It will bring us down. I said to Tony, "I feel helpless to do anything."

But I have prayer. I have the ear and the attention of the Father. I can shake the earth by bending my knees and crying out, "Mercy! Truth! Oh, Father, give our wise men wisdom!"

In my dream - I had a dream the other night. Actually, I was in a half awake, half asleep state. I saw a black and white progress bar and the Lord spoke to me in the dream and said, "I will pour out my glory, then I will come." The black and white bar represents the assuredness of His word. He will do it. There are no gray areas. He will pour out His glory. Then He will come.

We have been praying for His Glory for many years. Isaiah tells us that darkness will cover the earth, but the glory of the Lord will arise! What a great day - to see the dead raised, the lost saved, the blind see, the hungry fed. We may go to bed with our cupboards bare, and wake up with food in them. Miracles upon miracles. Salvations by the thousands. God's glory! Then our Beloved will come. And we will reign with Him.

When will this happen? I have no idea. But God is true. He will do what He says He will do. If you don't believe me, read Joel 2, Isaiah 40:5, and 60:1, 2.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday and so on

Tony and I hauled the dogs to the vet this morning. What an ordeal. It's like, I don't know, nothing you've ever experienced. Though I must admit, after two hurricane trips, they do ride in the truck better than in the past.

Pal only yipped and barked half way there. But he was so bad while the vet examined him, the vet gave up clipping his claws, (which is badly needed) and told Tony next time, Pal gets a sedative first. Both of them wrangled out of their muzzles. Pal twice and the vet said he was the fast muzzle getter-outer he'd ever seen.

That's my boy. Right...

While Tony paid for this pleasant expereince, I walked Jack and Pal over to the church (next door to the vet's office) so they could get some water. On the drive home, Tony stopped at a lumber store to look for something. There was much yipping. Thank goodness he was only gone for a minute. Literally.

Grocery shopped, did some ACFW stuff. Tony is doing his edits on Lambert's Code. He's a good one for edits since he reads every word. Louise Gouge is also doing a great job editing for me.

I start the chic lit edits tomorrow. Today slipped away. How does that happen? Sheeze. I'm off to bed, and read until I fall asleep.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Seeing with the eyes of my heart

I've probably sung "Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord" a hundred times. Friday night during worship at Freedom Christian Center, I saw the Lord with my heart's eyes.

Worshipping on the front row next to Tony and Ted, all of a sudden the Lord "appeared" and He walked right up to me. I started to weep. He stood in front of me for several minutes. It was so real. Though, in the natural I couldn't see Him or touch Him, my heart did. He wore what I would call robes, and had long dark hair, and a beard. I could not make out the features of his face, but His eyes were bright and intense. He spoke to my heart, and I know that He loves me.

Paul Keith Davis ( was the speaker Friday and Saturday night. He's so down to earth, but alive with the realities of heaven. Not for the sake of men, but for the sake of Jesus. He inspired us to believe for God encounters.

Tony and I prayed for people last night during ministry time. Tony told this one young woman last night that she was called to sit at Jesus' feet. Tonight (Saturday) she told us that those were the exact words given to her three years ago. How awesome is God?

I went to tonight's meeting in a "sour" mood. Not sure why, but I pushed through. One of the things I got out of Paul Keith's message was we have a Destiny in the Lord. We can ask for revelation and wisdom from heaven for life issues. He met two men who were caught up in heaven and given new architectural knowledge. How real is what they learned? They are both applying for patents.

I've been asking for wisdom from heaven on how to write. I know I have to study, pray, write and work hard, but I know there is some facet of writing that is hidden in heaven and God wants to release it to the earth.

In Daniel 1:17 it says, "As for these four youths, God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams."

In the midst of life in Babylon, Daniel and his friends were excellent in literature and wisdom! We live in an age when God is doing what He did in the days of Daniel, and more! That's my prayer; to have knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom. Able to understand visions and dreams.

I don't always ask God for things from the revelatory or heavenly realm because I want to have a pure heart in asking. But, we have not because we ask not. He is able to guard my heart from greed and pride as long as I stay in the place of intimacy - sitting at His feet. Knowing me, I can't go long without sitting at His feet. I love Him and have to experience His love for me! Being devoted to the Lord is also an attribute of Daniel and his friends.

It's late. Time to sleep. I lead worship in the morning.

Sunday afternoon - We did pizza and games with the kids this afternoon after church. It's a beautiful, cool day so we played outside for awhile, then came in and "hung out."

One girl went around anointing people with chocolate whipped cream. Yes, yuck! One of the guys she creamed came into the kitchen after washing his hair out. There were about 4 or 5 of us in there, yakking. Robert looked at us and said, "Smell my hair. Does it smell like chocolate."

Ok, who wants to smell his hair? No one. Since we didn't jump at the chance, his sister shrugged, leaned over and breathed deep. Immediately, she jerked back, "Ooooh, oooo, gross!" She gagged and declared she might puke.

Her face was so incredibly funny, I'm laughing as I write. But the funniest part was when Robert rubbed his fingers through his hair and sniffed. He wrinkled his nose. "Ooo, bad guy smell mixed with chocolate."

I fell off the counter laughing. Stinky guy with chocolate hair smell. That's what Holly inhaled. Too, too funny. But never fear James Exley, it does not compare to you.

It was a beautiful day. Came home and collapsed. Tomorrow we have errands in the morning, and I have an online gathering, but will start my chic lit revisions in the afternoon. I'm very excited about it. I hope and pray to do a really good job. I'm asking the Lord for knowledge and wisdom. Tony will start reading Lambert's Code. It's due a week from tomorrow! Wow!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Beauty & Favor

Driving to church with Cassie this morning, we talked about beauty and favor. What does it mean to know the beauty of the Lord? Mike Bickle defines God's beauty as His emotions. He has emotions, you know, and they are toward us. But in His Holiness, He cannot be controlled by them like we are. I can't wait to live in the realm.

Psa 27:4 One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD, And to meditate in His temple.

I must continue to pursue and understand the beauty of the Lord. I'm not sure how, but I know it begins with prayer and contemplation; sitting at His feet. When Martha complained about Mary sitting at Jesus' feet instead of helping her in the kitchen, Jesus said, "...but only a few things are necessary, really only one, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Mary had the ability to shut out the world and focus on her True Love. A skill I desperately lack. I want what cannot be taken from me - time with Jesus. I know one of my life verses is John 12:3. I think that's one of the reasons I often smell the fragrance of the Lord.

On favor. This is a puzzler for me lately. What does it mean to have favor? How do you obtain it? How do you know you have it. In the natural, I look about (which is wrong, I know, don't scold me) and say, "That person has favor. Do I have favor?" After the Fire Dweller leadership meeting on Thursday, Tony and I were talking to Ted and Javier. Ted said, "Rachel, the Lord says you're cool." If you know Ted, you understand that phrase.

"Thanks, Ted, for sharing that with me," I said, then asked rhetorically, philisophically, "Do I have favor?" Javi choked on his Cuban sandwich. "Girl, you have favors. Tons. Don't you see it?"

If I did, would I be asking? LOL. Tony's mentioned that I confuse favor with hiddeness. I think he's right. Anyway, I've been studying favor, trying to understand God's heart and the realm of favor.

Ralph and Connie prayed for me this morning during worship. It was good. Ralph verbalized the issues of my heart in his prayers and shared encouragement from the Lord. I am so grateful for the Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit moving in us and among us so we encourage one another.

This afternoon... I read. Sunday's will be my reading day, I've decided. What am I reading, you ask? The Whitney Chronicles by Judy Baer from Steeple Hill Cafe. So far, I'm loving it. My chic lit will be a Cafe release, too. Reading Judy's book stirs my excitment, and brings knowledge into reality! I'm so honored and humbled to be with this publisher and have my book in the Cafe line. I can't put it into words, really.

Insurance and FEMA - we've received our estimates for damage from both organizations now. Looks like we will have coverage for all of our damages, including a new roof, with no out of pocket money. That's great. We didn't budget for hurricane damage this year - twice over.

Cassie is napping. Jack and Pal are napping. Tony is rocking and reading a book on his PDA. Julia, Larkin and Spring return from Orlando in a few minutes with my car. Yeah! I'm so glad they got to have a convertible for their Florida vacation. It's been a gorgeous week, ah....

Tis all. Blessings.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oh What a Night, Late September back in '63

So the night was October '04, but oh, what a night! After the birthday dinner for Elizabeth, a couple of us came back to the house to watch a Doris Day, Rock Hudson movie - "Send Me No Flowers." We had a good time, but it was late when everyone left.

Then, we had an episode. Jack and Pal. Our loving dogs. At 1:15 a.m., we head for bed. Tony takes Pal off the bed, then Jack. Not liking this, Jack growled at Tony. (They were upset 'cause we made them stay out all night while we watched the movie.) Pal decided to see what' was going on and joined the growling. Tony stepped on the tip of Jack's furry tail. He growled more. Pal growled more.

"Pick up, Pal, Tony," I said. He did and headed for Pal's cage. Jack ran over and got in front of the cage door. Can you say Ziklag? It was so Ziklag. On the verge of a fight, Tony held them each at arms length and I stepped in to remove Jack. Still keyed up and upset, he snaps his head back and BITES MY CHIN.

I dropped him. "He bit me!"

At first, I thought he just grazed the skin. Nope, I had two gashes. Not big, not too deep, but we decided to go to the ER. Julia, Larkin and Spring were up, so they prayed with us before we left. One thirty in the morning and off we went to the ER.

Ziklag! Jack knew he'd done something. We arrived home about an hour later, seven stiches in my chin, and he looked guilty. Poor thing. He followed me around, his ears at half mast. We decided we have to get rid of one of them, but man, it breaks my heart. They are both good dogs. They just don't do well together. Pal would be great with a family, or single person who loves dogs.

Julia and Larkin told us how they had to get rid of one of their dogs. It broke their heart, but like our two, their dogs were fighting. But the Lord provided a good family for the one they gave away. I believe the Lord can and will do that for us, too.

In the mean time, I'm changing the nightly routine here and Pal goes in his cage first thing. I'll keep Jack out of the room, get Pal settled, then let Jack in.

Seven stitches. Geez.

Sunday - We spent the afternoon talking with Julia, Larkin and Spring. They are really great people with such a testimony of God's goodness. Julia is writing and I encouraged her to join American Christian Fiction Writers. She can literally write the anti-Harry Potter books since she is a former psychic. She has such a great undestanding of the Father's heart, and the love of the Lord.

She's fun to talk to because she prophesies in mid-sentence and you don't know it unless you're listening. She asked me about my writing, and I gave her the latest. She said, "Keep writing, keep writing." But the words carried more weight than a standard encouragment.

We played Euchre at the Stebbins with the Olinski's and Bartholomews. Bonnie and I were partners again by the luck of the draw. We won one and lost one. We beat Evelyn and Shannon, and it's hard to beat Ev.

I had a thought about the Lord, but can't remember it exactly. I'll have to ponder and write it later. I will say this - He likes me and I look good to Him! He is with me!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday at the House

Ah, a good day. My kind of day. It's lovely outside, and I'm watching college football. Though no Ohio State game. I got Ga Tech verse Maryland instead.

Got up and washed the car so Julia, Larkin and Spring could use it next week in Orlando. We met Julia in the summer at the In The Fire Conferene. She was one of the speakers from Kansas City. We hit it off with her and the Lord worked it so we could give them a week in our time share. Their daughter Spring has always wanted a Florida vacation - and since God is a good Father... She got her heart's desire.

I edited some on Lambert's Code, watched Oklahoma beat Texas, and took a nap. Talked to Susie Warren on the phone. That was fun. She's a good friend and encourager.

Tonight we are celebrating Elizabeth White's birthday. She's 24 on Tuesday, and in all the years I've known her, I don't think there's ever been a party. Yet, she sends cards to all her friends, even for Valentine's Day, and throws parties for others. Cassie is picking her up what she thinks is a dinner with just the two of them. We are meeting at Carabbas to surprise her. I'm excited for this. Hehehehe. She's going to be so surprised! Oh! I have to get a present. Bye.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Fables

Friday fables? Do you think there are really Friday fables? There are not. Ha!

Our internet returned yesterday. I went into the office to look for something and noticed the lights on the modem box! The cable ligth was flickering. Oh, we were so excited. So life after Jeanne has returned, more or less, to normal.

This has been a hard week. Just hard. I'm reading about David hard. But like David, I strengthen myself in the Lord.

Good time at the Firedweller prayer meeting.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Internet, oh internet, where have you gone??

How often we don't realize we rely on something until we don't have it? Getting our power back Tuesday felt like Christmas. We jumped for joy.

But, alas, we have no internet. The network in our area sustained enough damage that we can't get online. We have cable, but no internet.

I miss it! It's my lifeline to the outside world! My friends, my dictionary, ACRW.... I drive around town looking for internet connections. I'm an internet Hobo!

Tony and I are doing well. Firedwellers on Friday night was so sweet. Cassie did a great job leading worship. There was a strong fragrance of the Lord. I walked behind three of the girls and through a perfume cloud. But not like a human fragrance. It was thick, like oil, like pure oil. Song of Solomon 1:2!

I did what I needed to do on Sunday - slept and read, slept and read. I came away from the conference with a resolve to read more. But when time is limited, I write. Yet, reading is important. So, I'm reading!

God is good - all the time. Remember, as I am remembering, He is in control. He will accomplish what concerns me. What concerns you.

It's a beautiful day. Blue skies, but warm with an October nip in the air. I'm am driving with the car's top down! We are entering my favorite time of year.

Better get to work. Procrastination will get you no where. Just feels like it does. :)