Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday at the House

Ah, a good day. My kind of day. It's lovely outside, and I'm watching college football. Though no Ohio State game. I got Ga Tech verse Maryland instead.

Got up and washed the car so Julia, Larkin and Spring could use it next week in Orlando. We met Julia in the summer at the In The Fire Conferene. She was one of the speakers from Kansas City. We hit it off with her and the Lord worked it so we could give them a week in our time share. Their daughter Spring has always wanted a Florida vacation - and since God is a good Father... She got her heart's desire.

I edited some on Lambert's Code, watched Oklahoma beat Texas, and took a nap. Talked to Susie Warren on the phone. That was fun. She's a good friend and encourager.

Tonight we are celebrating Elizabeth White's birthday. She's 24 on Tuesday, and in all the years I've known her, I don't think there's ever been a party. Yet, she sends cards to all her friends, even for Valentine's Day, and throws parties for others. Cassie is picking her up what she thinks is a dinner with just the two of them. We are meeting at Carabbas to surprise her. I'm excited for this. Hehehehe. She's going to be so surprised! Oh! I have to get a present. Bye.

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