Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday and so on

Tony and I hauled the dogs to the vet this morning. What an ordeal. It's like, I don't know, nothing you've ever experienced. Though I must admit, after two hurricane trips, they do ride in the truck better than in the past.

Pal only yipped and barked half way there. But he was so bad while the vet examined him, the vet gave up clipping his claws, (which is badly needed) and told Tony next time, Pal gets a sedative first. Both of them wrangled out of their muzzles. Pal twice and the vet said he was the fast muzzle getter-outer he'd ever seen.

That's my boy. Right...

While Tony paid for this pleasant expereince, I walked Jack and Pal over to the church (next door to the vet's office) so they could get some water. On the drive home, Tony stopped at a lumber store to look for something. There was much yipping. Thank goodness he was only gone for a minute. Literally.

Grocery shopped, did some ACFW stuff. Tony is doing his edits on Lambert's Code. He's a good one for edits since he reads every word. Louise Gouge is also doing a great job editing for me.

I start the chic lit edits tomorrow. Today slipped away. How does that happen? Sheeze. I'm off to bed, and read until I fall asleep.

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