Monday, October 04, 2004

Internet, oh internet, where have you gone??

How often we don't realize we rely on something until we don't have it? Getting our power back Tuesday felt like Christmas. We jumped for joy.

But, alas, we have no internet. The network in our area sustained enough damage that we can't get online. We have cable, but no internet.

I miss it! It's my lifeline to the outside world! My friends, my dictionary, ACRW.... I drive around town looking for internet connections. I'm an internet Hobo!

Tony and I are doing well. Firedwellers on Friday night was so sweet. Cassie did a great job leading worship. There was a strong fragrance of the Lord. I walked behind three of the girls and through a perfume cloud. But not like a human fragrance. It was thick, like oil, like pure oil. Song of Solomon 1:2!

I did what I needed to do on Sunday - slept and read, slept and read. I came away from the conference with a resolve to read more. But when time is limited, I write. Yet, reading is important. So, I'm reading!

God is good - all the time. Remember, as I am remembering, He is in control. He will accomplish what concerns me. What concerns you.

It's a beautiful day. Blue skies, but warm with an October nip in the air. I'm am driving with the car's top down! We are entering my favorite time of year.

Better get to work. Procrastination will get you no where. Just feels like it does. :)

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