Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oh What a Night, Late September back in '63

So the night was October '04, but oh, what a night! After the birthday dinner for Elizabeth, a couple of us came back to the house to watch a Doris Day, Rock Hudson movie - "Send Me No Flowers." We had a good time, but it was late when everyone left.

Then, we had an episode. Jack and Pal. Our loving dogs. At 1:15 a.m., we head for bed. Tony takes Pal off the bed, then Jack. Not liking this, Jack growled at Tony. (They were upset 'cause we made them stay out all night while we watched the movie.) Pal decided to see what' was going on and joined the growling. Tony stepped on the tip of Jack's furry tail. He growled more. Pal growled more.

"Pick up, Pal, Tony," I said. He did and headed for Pal's cage. Jack ran over and got in front of the cage door. Can you say Ziklag? It was so Ziklag. On the verge of a fight, Tony held them each at arms length and I stepped in to remove Jack. Still keyed up and upset, he snaps his head back and BITES MY CHIN.

I dropped him. "He bit me!"

At first, I thought he just grazed the skin. Nope, I had two gashes. Not big, not too deep, but we decided to go to the ER. Julia, Larkin and Spring were up, so they prayed with us before we left. One thirty in the morning and off we went to the ER.

Ziklag! Jack knew he'd done something. We arrived home about an hour later, seven stiches in my chin, and he looked guilty. Poor thing. He followed me around, his ears at half mast. We decided we have to get rid of one of them, but man, it breaks my heart. They are both good dogs. They just don't do well together. Pal would be great with a family, or single person who loves dogs.

Julia and Larkin told us how they had to get rid of one of their dogs. It broke their heart, but like our two, their dogs were fighting. But the Lord provided a good family for the one they gave away. I believe the Lord can and will do that for us, too.

In the mean time, I'm changing the nightly routine here and Pal goes in his cage first thing. I'll keep Jack out of the room, get Pal settled, then let Jack in.

Seven stitches. Geez.

Sunday - We spent the afternoon talking with Julia, Larkin and Spring. They are really great people with such a testimony of God's goodness. Julia is writing and I encouraged her to join American Christian Fiction Writers. She can literally write the anti-Harry Potter books since she is a former psychic. She has such a great undestanding of the Father's heart, and the love of the Lord.

She's fun to talk to because she prophesies in mid-sentence and you don't know it unless you're listening. She asked me about my writing, and I gave her the latest. She said, "Keep writing, keep writing." But the words carried more weight than a standard encouragment.

We played Euchre at the Stebbins with the Olinski's and Bartholomews. Bonnie and I were partners again by the luck of the draw. We won one and lost one. We beat Evelyn and Shannon, and it's hard to beat Ev.

I had a thought about the Lord, but can't remember it exactly. I'll have to ponder and write it later. I will say this - He likes me and I look good to Him! He is with me!

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