Monday, May 28, 2012

Diary of a Writer: Memorial Day Writing

It's Memorial Day. I'm writing. There's no paid holiday in the writer's life. No one to write words for me if I'm not backside-in-chair.

I don't get additional days tacked onto my deadline for the holidays that come along. 

Yet, at the same time, there are work days I can blow off for one reason or another. Time management, I suppose, is key to the writer's life.

But there is no determining if a deadline comes at a good time. This deadline is a tight turn around so I'm working.

Won't be the first or last time.

And truly, I don't mind. I love my job that much.

If I get busy, I can knock off later this afternoon and do something with hubby. Go to, or watch a movie. I like to watch "Saving Private Ryan" every Memorial Day.

I get concerned at how our nation is beginning to take freedom's for granted. How Political Correctness has taken down our guard against enemies foreign and domestic.

Greed, desperation, naivitee is what allowed Hitler to rise to power. Let's be aware folks. Let's stand on our own and not expect the government to provide all of our solutions.

A friend said to me the other day, "If the system our forefathers put into place was working, we'd have a bunch of small, local governments, town hall meetings in every city."

I think he has a point.

Pray for our country. Pray for the Lord to have mercy on us. Pray for our fighting men and women.

Do you have any Memorial Day traditions? 

Okay, off to write. Hey, peruse past posts and read about the Beautiful Brides! 


Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Enjoyed this post, Rach. Holidays around here are a family affair and a bit of a juggling act. But I do love memorial day... Honoring, remembering, and praying. Hard not to get sentimental. :) happy memorial day!

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Ami! It is hard not to get sentimental. Hope you all had a good "memory day."


Rachel said...

Because my father & husband’s dad fought in Vietnam, our kids don't have grandfathers. They both died due to complications of the war (namely Agent Orange). i don't say that because I'm anti-war, I say that to remind people to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. you never know how much time you have with them. :-)

Rachel Hauck said...

Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear about your father and father-in-law. Thank YOU for your sacrifice.

Yes, war is costly. But tyranny even MORE costly!


Leanna Ellis said...

I was writing too, Rachel. ;) And I was thinking of my father who served during Korea. My father in law who served in Korea. My husband's uncle who was killed in WWII. My uncle who served in WWII. My cousin's who have served since. Amazing men. And I am grateful for their service. Blessings, Leanna