Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beautiful Bride: Kim Cash Tate

Kim and Bill

So thrilled to feature author and beautiful bride, Kim Cash Tate. She's been crunching a deadline so I had to wait for her picture and story but it was well worth it.

I love Kim.

She is a women of honor and integrity, and true love and follower of Jesus. On top of being a lawyer, yeah, achiever here, and a mom of two and wife to a Ph. D professor and math book author, SHE is an accomplished author and speaker. 

Our Story

I still remember the night I connected with my husband-to-be—December 15, 1989.  I say “connected” because we’d already met, although I can’t remember when or how.  I’d simply seen him enough times around the campus of the University of Maryland that we’d automatically speak.  He’d come to U of M to get his Ph.D. my last semester there as an undergrad. 

On December 15, 1989, I was a second year law student, celebrating my birthday with college friends at a local hot spot in Washington, D.C.  In walked Bill with a friend.  I waved, “Hey,” and kept it moving.  

Seizing one of the coveted bar chairs that allowed one to see and be seen, I began munching on buffalo wings when my friend, Dawn, whispered for me to follow her into the ladies’ room. Reluctant to lose my seat, I began bargaining with one of my friends to sit there, but only until I returned. Impatient with my speed, Dawn grabbed my forearm and pulled me just inside the restroom door, exclaiming, “Girl, wait till you hear this!”


“Bill is asking about you. Sounds like he’s interested, too.” Laughing, she added, “And he said you must not have a boyfriend if you’re here celebrating your birthday with us. He got that right!”

Dawn told me how great a catch he would be and how great a couple we would make, then paused and waited for me to speak, as if I’d say, “All right, then; I’m sold. I’ll take him.”

“We’ll see,” I tossed cynically,and went back inside, fully expecting the so-called possibility to fade by night’s end.

On May 29, 2012, Bill and I celebrated nineteen years of marriage!

RH: Thanks Kim! I love hear this story. Brings back memories of my college days. Y'all visit Kim at her web site. She has a lot of good things going on there. 


Casey said...

Ahh!! That makes the heart sigh. ;-)

And...Happy Anniversary!!!!

Rachel Hauck said...

I know! Isn't she gorgeous!