Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Beautiful Brides: Cara Putman

Cara Putman is a romantic suspense author, a lawyer and one of the most energetic women I know! She's great fun.

Of her wedding, Cara writes:

We’ve all heard about the groom being late to the wedding. In an effort to avoid that with mine, my mom told my groom to arrive at the church at a certain time for pictures.

The morning of my wedding, I was having a great time with my bridesmaids getting ready. I glanced at a clock and realized that if I didn’t rush, I was going to be late for photos. 

My friend Joy maneuvered my hair into position as I swiped on make-up.

After slipping into the dress, I hurry to the church...only to find Eric pacing.

Unbeknownst to me, he decided to arrive even earlier than he’d been told. By the time I arrived, he’d paced the sanctuary for thirty minutes...wondering if I’d changed my mind.

Sixteen years later, I’m glad he waited!

(RH: Me, too!)


Jackie S. said...

Cute story, Cara! BTW just read your new Mackinac book.....loved it!

Casey said...

Awe! That is sweet! I love this photo of you and Eric. And the latest one from ACFW a couple years ago. You guys are a darling couple!

Rachel Hauck said...

They look the same today! Young!