Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beautiful Brides: Beth Webb Hart

I love Beth Webb. I met her when we started blogging at Southernbelleview together. 

She is the classic and timeless southern woman. I love reading her books and blog posts. She's so rich in tradition, history and literature. 

Her wedding veil is no exception.

Beth Webb writes: 
According to Mama she was meandering along the winding corridors of Venice when she stumbled into a lace shop that sold old world veils at a terrific price.

She and one of her best friends both purchased a veil. It was stored in a box at the very top of my mother’s closet for much of my childhood.

I often longed to pull it down and open it up and see the beautiful, delicate lace pattern that I dreamed I would someday wear. And I often gazed at her wedding portrait in the living room of my childhood home – on rainy days when I was in a day-dreamy mood- and imagined what it must feel like to be a grown up, to be engaged to a handsome and devoted chap, to be just about to step into your future.

Well, the day came when I was twenty-six, and I did wear the veil (pictured here - look at my husband's fist- he's nervous!) I felt like a princess. My two younger sisters both wore the veil and it’s stored again in a safe place in the top of a closet in hopes that my daughter, the only girl out of six grandchildren, will also wear it someday.

(RH: Love this story, BW!)


Casey said...

Ah, I love it! And what a gorgeous veil like Rachel said! I can see this becoming an heirloom. :)

Rachel Hauck said...

I love BW's story!