Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I've Been Reading

Here's my personal summer reading update:

Christine Lynxwiler's Promise Me Always.

Wonderful, fun read. Leaves you with a feel good feeling. Chris has some great laugh out loud lines. She's a fun, solid author and story teller. Not to mention, ACFW Book of The Year finalist!

Siri Mitchell's Moon Over Tokyo.

Siri writes honest characters in a great settings. Her writing is lyrical and her stories real and provoking. Siri is a Christy award finalist two years running.

Lolly Winston's Good Grief.

Very interesting premise and nicely told story. I could relate to Winton's style and voice. I learned some things about pacing. Some times there was too much musing over the heroine's situation. I admit, I skimmed some, but really a great read.

Marian Keyes's Anybody Out There.

I love Marian's voice, style and humor. It's the Irish in me. This is a complex, interesting story. Her approach is unique. There's a sub plot told via email I didn't like too much, but over all, great story. Too much interest in psychic stuff - I'm SO glad I know Jesus. I don't wonder about people when they die. I know. Too many sexual details. I've decided to raise the bar in my reading. As much as I love Marian . . .

I heard Mike Bickle teach on purity the other night and it was a realy challenge to me. Anointed challenge. I felt it for several days. This is not a struggle area for me, but is reading secular fiction an area of compromise? What is the fragrance of the story?

Lisa Samson's Straight Up.

While I very much enjoyed this multi-point of view story, I became fascinated with Samson's writing and insight. I learned. I laughed. I read lines out loud to Tony. Lisa has a lot of insight and such a genuine heart toward God and the hurting. She challenges the norms. I appreciate her on a lot of levels, not to mention she's an extraordinary writer. Lisa is also an award winning author and a Christy finalist this year.

Kristin Billerbeck's Split Ends.

Billerbeck just has a way of telling a woman's journey. She's quippy, funny and poignant. I relate to Kristin's style and voice, and the way she paints the page. She's another award winning author.

When I grow up, I want to be a combination of all these authors!

Next up: Susan May Warren's Reclaiming Nick (I helped her brainstorm the plot - shhh.)
Tracey Bateman's You Had Me At Goodbye which I'm reading for endorsement!
Colleen Coble's Abomination
Diann Hunt's Be Sweet


Rel said...

Hey! We must have the same rading list! I am almost finished Moon Over Tokyo - love Siri! (Read the acknowledgments carefully - LOL!). Recently finsihed Promise Me Always but not reviewed it yet, loved Reclaiming Nick - hard not to with that cover and Abomination is up soon!

Lynette Sowell said...

What a diverse list! :) ~ Lynette