Tuesday, August 07, 2007

James 2

James hits us hard in chatper 2 of his book by the same name, James. He's writing to the twelve tribes dispersed "abroad."

He gets on us for favoring the rich and fine while dissing the poor. How many times do I favor the well dressed, the cultured, the lovely, the rich over someone who is down and out, or not as cultured?

Have I dissed a potential friend in favor of someone more "popular."

James says if we show partiality, we are sinning, and reminds us mercy triumps over judgement.

I want to be one who loves. One who exudes the love of Christ. One of compassion. One who hangs out with the lesser.

Truth is, who is the lesser? Who is the downtrodden among my friends and social circle?

Well, maybe it's the attendee at a conference. A new person at church. The woman at McDonalds who eats alone.

Worse than ignorning someone is seeking to find someone who can do for me. Jesus never sought for Himself but for His Father.

I want to be different.

When I stand before God, I'm pretty sure finding someone who can do for me won't gain me very many crowns to throw at His feet.

Oh, to be more like Jesus.

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Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, what a beautiful post and what you see in this chapter. This is something I need to hear too and I want to be more like Jesus adn see people as he sees them

Love Mom