Saturday, August 25, 2007

Book Therapy!

Susan May Warren invited me to join her newly launched Book Therapy. I'm honored to do so!
Can you make your characters come to life?
How do you fix a saggy plot?
What are your writing strengths, and how can you play to them?
What makes a scene sing with life?
How do you keep a reader hooked?
Want to know how to craft an award-winning book? (er, yes, says Rachel)
Book Therapy will teach you how!

So, you're writing a novel. You might be a little nervous that the plot doesn't hold together, or that maybe an editor won’t love or understand your hero like you do. But underneath these little worries is a thrum of energy that drives you to the computer, or causes you to burst out in fragment sentences, and even wakes you in the middle of the night, groping for the light so you can scribble down your latest dream.

I know, because, I too am a writer. I know the angst and the joy of writing. I know how you pace your room, talking to yourself. I know how many chocolate chips you consume during chapters (they’re really good frozen).

I also know how a book works. How words flow together, or not, for best impact. And how to get your characters to talk as if they are in the room with you.

Inside every book that refuses to come together, or struggles with sluggish pace, or even simply doesn't pack enough plot punch is a deep-seated problem.

Book Therapy will help you root out and solve your problem.

Check it out.

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Kristy Dykes said...

Sounds great! What a help this will be to authors!