Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Walking the dog

We decided to start walking Pal, our Beagle-mutt, angel spotting dog. One, he'd love the exercise and two, his claws needed trimming.

Trying to clip them leaves us shredded, so it's out to grind them on the pavement.

Pal pulls on his leash the entire time, yerking on the arm of whoever's holding the leash. It's like he thinks we're not going to get "there" or that we aren't going where he wants to go.

But, we always get "there." He sniffs what he wants and trots on.

Sorta like that with us and God, don't ya think? We're always trying to run out, away from the leash, worried we're not going to get "there."

But we always do. He leads in paths of righteousness.

We've watched some great movies this weekend. Invinsible, and Glory Road. I LOVE sports movies. Also MI3, but it was so-so.

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